Finding lost Lamborghini in corn maze | Farming Simulator 22


We go to a festival with tractors, hay and even a Lamborghini! We use our lawn mower to mow and try the hardest corn maze ever to win a racecar!
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  1. Hi Hudson and Dad, My 3year old boy Dylan is obsessed with watching you all everyday on every channel not just this one and especially every night at bedtime! He wanted to say hi and tell ya to keep up the great content!

  2. I just wanted to suggest a new microphone, my 4 year old absolutely ADORES you guys, but often your yelling into the microphone triggers me as I have sensory processing issues. I don't want him to have to stop watching you guys as your channel is adorable, but I was just wondering if there would be a better suited microphone for you guys that could filter out the aggressiveness of the screaming.


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