FS 22 Fill a Hole Cheat – Farming Simulator 22 – a great shortcut for landscaping.


Farming Simulator 22 on how to fill a hole, but its an easier way. When you sell a building or barn in FS 22 some of them will leave a big hole. This example is FS22 on the Elmcreek map. I sold the two barns to free up some space and get some needed dollars in the beginning of the game on Elmcreek. But, to make the space useful, you must fill in the hole using the landscaping tools. This is really somewhat of a cheat on filling a hole. Go ahead and subscribe for FREE!

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  1. That's not a cheat, that's a game mechanic haha. I always end up buying that 3 bay garage and I put it over the hole no problem. Then if you are fast enough, just sell the garage and the hole would be fixed.


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