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SETTING ROUTES! MAX AI WORKERS? FS22 | A GUIDE TO… AI WORKERS! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at the AI worker system and try out some of the functions available. How do they work? Do they work? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.


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  1. I'm bit new on the AI here, I have hired some and see them go back over what they did, anyway avoid this? Also can I get them follow me going around a field or they have go straight down, turn around and go back up?

  2. My AI workers are stupied ill put them to work and if i watch them they work as they should but if i dont watch them they do 1 of 2 things 1 they will just stop working wont be blocked or full. The just stop and ride the clock bc they still getting paid. The other thing they like to do. Is get to the end of a feild while working most the time plowing or cultavating they go back and fourth doing the job i stop watching they lift up and go straight across to a near by feild and begine to plow it up on there own i have lost 3 crops on 80% of the feild bc i did not catch them in time when they said AI they ment it. I now have to build fences everywhere just to block them

  3. A guide to AI worker bugs? Because I found a bug that is in FS19 already (I'd bet money it's the same).

    Worker with the Dalbo grass roller stops a tiny bit short of the end of the field. Headlands are useless, it always stops short of the end of where it should go.

    FS19 had that bug too, with sprayers for example, they always stopped a little bit short of where they should have gone.

    I'd bet money the AI code is almost exactly (except for the "go there" and "deliver there" new "features") as in FS19.

  4. Though I play as the majority of other's do. My son play's in such a way that he's not actually playing the game by farming. He's more of an employment agent. He does however actually have to be on hand to start AI. He move's on to the next one. Meaning he doesn't do any actual work, he only accept's contract's and has AI's do all the work. AI's cost in never that which the contract pay's; Thus he get's the remainder. He's now made over three million dollar's in one of his save's. And with the exception of managing all of the various AI he hire's, hasn't done anything.

  5. I'd love to see a fix on the ai for driving harvesters. Seems if you have a header attached they think something is in the way and drive all over the place. Also in fs24 or 25 I hope they have the ai be able to do forestry

  6. How do I turn off the AI worker so they're not starting right away once you first create a new game because I want to do the farming myself and not lose money at all sure AI does a better job but I would prefer to do it myself

  7. Sometimes the AI starts plowing other fields. Ends up costing you money due to that. I do not know if this is programed in the game but some drivers are better than others. Also they miss the edges of fields so I go around the field my self before I let them go. Strange is the Train never hits one when going on the tracks to plow. or harvest. However, I still go around the edges myself make that easier for them and it is less chance of having them go next door and cause problems.

  8. …with the modded maps, my AI workers are such a pain in the butt. They get stuck on every fence, every tree. I had a map that the modder added a ditch, BAD IDEA for these AI's…it added more frustration to my game. Now I just stick with in-game maps since they seem to work a lot better with the AIs and don't get stuck on something as often. At times, they even trample each other, I went back, and one tracker is on top of another. *Facepalm*.

  9. To be honest I wasn't going to buy fs22 and was happy with fs19. Then I found out you can strap everything down! Why did it take so long for them to implement it into their games I don't know but it the "one" thing that sold me.


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