Harvesting Canola, Oats & Baling Straw – Untergriesbach #22 Farming Simulator 19 Timelapse


FS19 Harvesting canola, oats and baling straw is the next part in the Untergriesbach timelapse series. We start the day off topping up the feed mixer with alfalfa, clover and grass silage while we wait for our canola to dry out. Once they,ve all been topped up we then mow our clover field and use the loading wagon to collect it up and put it in the feed mixer to fill up the final bunker. We then put the rest into the fermenting silo. After that’s all done we then head over to field 47 to harvest our canola and bale up the canola straw, we also harvest the oats in field 110 and bale up the straw from that. The canola straw bales are sold and the rest of the straw is taken back to the farm to use for bedding.

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