Harvesting Potatoes, Sorghum & Grapes – No Man's Land #122 FS22 Timelapse


FS22 Harvesting potatoes, sorghum and grapes is the next part in the No Man’s Land start from scratch timelapse series on Farming Simulator 22. We start the day off tending to our cows at the dairy farm. We then deliver a load of milk to the dairy before starting work on the days harvesting. The first crop to be harvested is the field of potatoes which we take to the food processor for crisps. We then harvest the sorghum which will be used for flour production at the grain mill. The next job is to harvest the grape vines with the new grape harvester we buy before we finish up for the day.

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  1. I’d like to see a map with a farm ready, rather than another start from scratch

    But if you still decide to start from scratch please choose a map with challenging terrain in the mountings or something

  2. That lake you created up by the shop would have been nice entertainment for the video 😂 hope you do an overview stream or video after you wrap this series up and show everything you built off camera


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