How To Use Global Company Part 10 – Stationary Pellet Press – Farming Simulator 19


Tutorial on the basics of Global Company Stationary Pellet Press.

Global Company Tutorial 1:
Global Company Tutorial 2:
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Global Company Tutorial 7:
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Tutorial on Easy Development Commands:

Global Company Mod:

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  1. well gives me something to look into, and perhaps find a solution to your "dilemma" of it not giving you all the types of pellets. First thought, is the trailer able to hold those types of pellets (all of the variety of pellets), then the other thought might be the Agri Sell point was not on the map? I am curious to see it could be the simple trailer was only able to hold the 1 type of pellets.. UPDATE: I just installed the same mod, i went through and used buy everything at "full", (unlimited money), i did use a trailer same as yours, and a bigger trailer both showing the capacity of the different pellets. the only pellets that came out were the same as yours, "Pellets" the other pellets are still in the building but no way to get them out. As of yet. update the mod to get those pellets out i guess

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Pellet Press, I completely missed it in the modhub. I use a lot of ZoddelZockt's mods. They add some nice variety (like the AgraZ pig feed system or herbicide production) over similar mods by other mod makers.

  3. I know that you are really good at charts. Have you thought about doing a web-style chart with dependent and life improving mods? Obv Global Company base is required for all of these but for ones like this, maybe list the mods that will help with input.


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