I Spent 24 Hours in No Man's Land… Here's What Happened


Starting off with 0$, no machinery with just a Chainsaw. No man’s land is a survival map where you get the ability to develop the map by yourself. Playing on 5x speed at all times and trying to get as much done as possible in the short 24 hours we got.
Short summary of what goes on in the video: We are starting off by selling all the logs from the yard to get enough money for our first tractor. We end up getting 8.7k from the logs that lets us buy our first new/old Massey Ferguson tractor and an old grass mower that we use to clear some of the grass around our farm. Furthermore, we end up trying to collect all the grass with a shovel and a trailer, but that ends up not working when the shovel gets buggy and flies off the map 😀 So we go back to doing some more forestry to afford the silage pit and loading wagon. Furthermore, the Massey Ferguson tractor starts to act weird so we end up trading it in for a bit older but more powerful and not buggy Ursus. Hence, we collect all the grass and Compost it into Silage. Lastly, we make cultivate the field and make it bigger so we wouldn’t need to cut the grass anymore.

Map link

This video also includes:
Farming Simulator 2019 Timelapse
Farming Simulator 2019 Gameplay
Farming Simulator 2022
Farming Simulator 2022 Timelapse
Farming Simulator 2022 Gameplay



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  2. God ( Jesus Christ. ) Will Always Be With You Forever And Forever And Forever And Forever For All Eternity..

  3. This is amazing. I have downloaded the map. But how can i get the same setup as you and Daggerwin have?
    Thanks for any help

  4. As someone that would like to try and make some form of content not just for fs19 but in general. I totally understand why you would not like speaking to the mic I too myself am like that and get really self conscious. The only time I feel comfortable speaking on a mic is with people I actually know IRL. You are an inspiration to people that want to content create you have 101k subs without even using a voice HATS off to you!!! I have no idea when it comes to editing just go live for an hour and hope it comes out ok lol


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