I'M BACK! OVERLOADED TRUCK VS HILL | FS22 Platinum Edition – Episode 35


Welcome back to Farming Simulator 22 on Silverrun Forest! This is the first of many gameplay videos on FS22 Platinum Edition
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  1. Why does it sound like there in an owl stuck in the radiator on that wheel loader when it goes into reverse. Doesn't sound like the normal reverse warning sound to me ha!

  2. When taking long breaks, you should watch the last episode you released of each series, before you start recording, that way you can get yourself up to speed on what you were up to.

  3. i do wish the weeds would vanish on the next growth stage for the crop as they look horrid when harvesting exp if tall ones. i don't mind the changing colour when sprayed as that just help knowing where you been, even a reduction in height of weeds on next growth stage of crops would prob be ok too. tall weeds and harvesting don't seem right even if they are dead but thats my thought on the matter

  4. Welcome back 🙂 I didn't expect that your combination would work that well. The load of your new trailer would way about 200 metric tons IRL if you take into acount a specific weight of 3.33 kg/l. IRL, a trailer will take about 25 tons max. I don't think this trailer is designed for that kind of weight you were pulling, lol. . Back when I was working in a foundry, our supplier would deliver pig iron (SW = 3.6 kg/l) in a standard dump trailer (12×2.5m floor area). That trailer was only filled up to a height of about 25-30 cm (about 7m³ of pig iron). But that might have to do with traffic restrictions rather than load capacity. You can't exceed 50-55 tons of total weight with three axles on public roads here in Belgium. In game, I use a beefed up dumpster truck because you can leave the low ore dumpsters at the foundry while hauling more load. And these containers don't cost much. I think I have about four dumpsters for the smeltery and the mine. Anyway, I love how the game handles certain things like load, since it is also a challenge to keep the game interesting and some of these jobs would just take ages IRL if you're alone.

  5. Time 19:40, you were contemplating about buying a silage bunker silo and selling silage with all the grass you got, another thought you had mentioned was turning all into grass bales and filling up your shed by the sheep with those bales, I suggest doing silage bunker as they can hold tons of liters of grass and silage is a standard farming money maker, I have a good friend who I worked for that does beef cattle and silage entirely and he makes some serious money, he also has a brother that they both are vested in trucking as well, whether it be DDG's, rock, sand, or other grains they haul as well, so yeah please do a silage bunker even if small one, and whatever you decide to do with bales afterwards would be fine but I think watching you do silage would make for some really good time-lapse content I know I enjoy watching anyone who does silage content myself, and it doubles as feed and extra money…

  6. Time 15:57 I work at a grain coop and yes our agronomist offers discounts all the time for bulk buying, sometimes farmers can even lock in a price or pre purchase before we get any bulk on site to use or deliver, it's rare but does happen, hope this answers some questions…

  7. I always choose the Kubota 3point sprayer because it has the option of spot spraying which is required to get max score for precision farming weed control and with all the options it only costs around 60k, it's highly maneuverable and doesn't require or take up much space, I believe max spray width is 28m which is still really good considering all the above pros and value… Also that last turn that gives us all hell leading up to your iron furnace of you actually swing to the left until cab is past turn then swing right it'll maintain a higher speed and can avoid that lump in the corner that catches trailer… Great content as always brother see ya in the next one…

  8. It seems to me that it would be good to add a couple sheds to the larger grass field and move all the farm specific equipment there. It could save a lot of transportation time when doing the different jobs required to farm the crops.


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