My First Day Back At A Landscape Shop!! (FS22 Landscaping)


Landscaping returns to the channel with a rather fun twist as I have been hired by none other than @Square2448 to become a part of his crew! Im super excited to get the opportunity and plan to make the most of it! Hope you all enjoy it as we have a big mulch and tree project for you today!
I am also officially part of the Giants Partnership Program so if you would like to buy or pre-order new or existing DLC’s for FS22 check out these links below!!

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Link To my Merchandise If you want to join the Rental Man Club!

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  1. I enjoy seeing everyone use my trucks the 2020 sierra 3500 looks great pulling that gooseneck. And can you please tell square to make a multiplayer video with all of us and how do you join the boom stick club


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