MY FIRST EVER FIELD OF LINSEED | Court Farm | Farming Simulator 22 – Ep3


Welcome to Court Farm Country Park! – A massive thank you to Oxygendavid!

Court Farm Country Park Features:
– Replica of the real life farm and surroundings.
– Real life PDA map.
– New animals rabbits.
– New wind effects.
– 4 main farms and many more smaller yards.
– Custom lighting and colour grading.
– Animated objects across the map.
– Custom textures pbr with Parralax mapping.
– Custom traffic.
– Over 100 Hd new models made by myself.
– 144 fields with missions – small/medium/large.
– 190 farm lands.
– 3 placeable areas where you can build your own production/farm.
– 9 sell points and BGA sawmill etc.
– Seasons visuals and random events (trees,hedges etc).
– Collectables.
– Highly customizable Uk license plates built into map.
– Custom Foliage and ground textures.
– Custom sounds.
– Interior farm house.
– Precision farming support.
– Mud mod support.
– Uk theme production point chain ( Windmill, bakery).
– New fruit Linseed,Fieldbeans.
– MTA support.
– Campsites that can be bought to generate money
– Some smaller yards need to be cleaned out.
– Rabbits in the wildlife

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  1. By the way in real farming you drill, cultivate and roll the headland last when you have finished the field so you don’t drive over where you have drilled. It’s only combining that start with the headland. Also you sound like your from the UK like me, no where in the UK would you harvest field beans at September. They have a tendency you burst and drop out of the shell if combined late (for example after mid August)… Just for interest as it seems like you want to be accurate to reality.

  2. What I hear; "Heston Bale", What I picture; Heston Blumenthal driving a tractor, towing a baler but instead of a bale wrapper on the back; its a liquid nitrogen tank and they come out like ice cubes.

    For those that may not get the reference; Heston Blumenthal is a UK chef known for being an early adopter, if not the 'inventor' behind cooking with liquid nitrogen (aka flash freezing).

  3. This is a very nice map indeed. But I would personally stick to machines and equipment best suited for tight turns, roads, farm yards, ect, rather than trying to do large scale farming even though the fields are a fair bit in size.

  4. Great episode as always, looking forward to this releasing on the modhub, hopefully soon….
    One of the many things i think Giants made a mistake with, is crop moisture in seasons. Along with many other things they missed out, it made the game a bit more realistic, challenging, and enjoyable. I dont really like the seasons mode in FS22, it was much better as a standalone mod in FS19.
    Hope they reinstate the bits they missed out in the next iteration of the game….

  5. It appears that you haven't downloaded the seed drills I mentioned in the email, such as the Horsch Pronto DC seed drill. This particular seed drill is more cost-effective than the Vaederstad, and it offers an additional meter in working width. Additionally, it has the capability to apply fertilizer and functions as a direct seed drill.


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