New Mods! Autonomous John Deere & Crazy Mod Drops! (36 Mods?) | Farming Simulator 19


New Mods & Mod Updates – December 17, 2020
“Autonomous John Deere & Crazy Mod Drops!” (36 Mods?)
New Mods FS19 – Farming Simulator 19

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Mod Overview
0:49 – John Deere Autonomous
2:34 – John Deere 5075e
4:46 – Emily Sigma
5:20 – Placeable Fuel Station
5:37 – RYC-ONE Wood Trailer
6:16 – Polish Chicken Coop
6:35 – Big Pig Shed
7:06 – Metal Shed
7:19 – Shed
7:31 – Sandomierskie Okolice
7:48 – Ostrowitko
8:40 – John Deere 7000 Planter
9:53 – NMC Reaper Pack
10:29 – Metaltech DB Pack
10:37 – Ponsse Scorpion King – MRF
11:09 – Lancer Pendulum 600
12:03 – Polish Mechanical Harrow
12:08 – Double Door Garage
12:20 – American Shed
12:32 – Medium Pull Through Workshop
13:08 – German Road Signs
13:23 – Broom
13:39 – Gable
13:54 – Lizard FMT 320P
14:22 – Lizard RMT 1230P
14:53 – Lizard E14-335
15:34 – Lizard D-375
15:51 – Innomade CombriRoll SW300
16:16 – Kongskilde GXT 13005
16:43 – STAS FarmSTAR Alu
17:31 – Rotormaster 5526
18:24 – Kongskilde GXF 3205
18:59 – Linde E14-335
19:12 – Six Ashes
19:47 – Iberians South Lands
20:06 – Eiersholt
30:01 – Outro

Most All Mod Videos Use Pacific Northwest As The Testing Map. (This map is available on mod hub for all platforms) –
All Released Mods –

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  1. Who's ready for a little "Farm Sim Show LIVE"? Join me on facebook and Klutch on YouTube tomorrow afternoon (2 or 3ish eastern) to hang out and talk Farm Sim!
    Today's Farm Sim News! Challenger DOG, Holiday Break, & Missing Mods! –

  2. Anyone else having problems with the John Deere 5075e sliding when something is in the bucket or in the spikes on the front loader 🥺

  3. Manufacturers have gone too far this time I mean later on in life I want to be driving a harvester instead of having some stupid robot do it for me I want to cultivate my own fields and not have some robot be cultivating them for me farming is going to be ruined about 20 or 40 years farming isn't going to exist because we as humans are never going to do it again and it's sad

  4. I can’t believe that tiny autonomy tractor costs 38 slots thats SO EXPENSIVE.

    But I will say that it will be super beneficial on very small tight roads and fields because of how small it is.

    Just don’t use it at night because it has no rear work lights! 😅

  5. Looks like DJ has been getting lazy on mod reviews. Showing screen shots for alot of mods instead of actually showing off the mod.

  6. I will be getting that aton jd will be so much easier as it is smaller and will be good for parking things I’m my shed

  7. Ok random farming experience I had:
    So I was going hunting with my grandpa about a week ago, and while we were driving, I saw a John Deere model A (or B idk). But someone put a canopy on it. Keep in mind this is a single axle tractor with a wheel at the front. Ngl though, it gave me weird vibes.

  8. Just to let you know, there was a claim on the Eiersholt map made by the modder of the Lösshügel Land Map what the Eiersholt is based on. That issue is cleared now. For that it's just a re-release of the already existing version made by Giants.

  9. I hope people start making electric vehicles so that we can utilize the electric charging station from the Alpine farming DLC.

  10. Wow watched a video on PC maps and mods and not going to lie was kinda jealous being on console player the crop duster plane helicopters and the amount of other stuff you can do is impressive. Didn't realize how much more crops animals and things there are available to do

  11. 3:36 that 5E reminds my of the 5050E my dealer gote on one of the last days of my work experience there, was one with the old style grill the early 5R tractors had, it was a tractor i felt buying something similar was right, I don't need anything over 100 horses just to get around


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