NEW TRACTOR COMES TO HELP THE FARM | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 135


Welcome back to my first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron

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  1. I really like fields 30, 32, and 33. I'm thinking about making 32 my new base. I want to put a house on the little land inlet in the middle of that lake. Don't know if it's possible, but I think it would look really cool!

  2. Love your enthusiasm an the way you present videos. You'd be one of those teachers kids talk about for years. Keep on keeping on buddy.

  3. This is a great series and I am really enjoying the content. I love the different thoughts and ideas you have. Great work!

    I know it's been suggested before… Barley has a higher yeild than the other grains, so it's great for chickens and the grain mill. It just goes further in how you can use it.

  4. Buying all the fields would actually be a lot quicker than you think. You're starved for land right now, with some of your productions sitting idle. With more land your utilization would go up, and you'd also have income from selling crops. While it doesn't make for as interesting a series, investing in land rather than machinery is the best way to generate return on capital employed. You'd need to use a lot more workers too!

  5. What if you play with your 'subcribers' on this series as you got a lot of stuff to do and you can co-op with them. Really enjoyable this map and progress done on the farm.

  6. I don’t think it should be canned BUT I don’t think it should go past ep150. There has been several maps released since the start of this video that I know you will love. Maybe some food for thought but it might be time to start wrapping things up with this series

  7. Hey daggerwin I have a problem in ets2. My player profile was lost after my game crashed and I am also not able to update the game to the latest dlc. But before updating do you know anyways of restoring my player profile?

  8. I love this series keep it going up to 200 at least but I don't care for the calmsden series I watch all your videos except for that map but I love the vids keep it up

  9. As i've said before: When doing grapes, in the in-cab view, you'll never hit the vines, if you keep the vine lined up with the right arm rest.

  10. I'M glad you continue on episodes YES ! expand the grapes and solar. I think you need to call giant up tell them about olives field growth

  11. I agree with everyone. This series has progressed so well. The possibilities are endless and the map is just perfect. Well done Dagwin

  12. Solar panels income also depends on time of year to how much you get paid.
    That's why I changed to using the small wind system instead

  13. So exited to see the series continue! Could be cool if you made a whole new farm with a bit bigger machinery to dabble in the big fields 🧐

  14. When Daggerwin turned on super strength. What was the menu he used?
    I’ve never been able to get SS to work for me and I’m blooming rubbish at using a forklift.

  15. The olive field did you not paint it with grass texture and add the decerative grads a few episodes back ? Carnt remember you changing it back

  16. Hey Daggerwin, your olive growth might have got interrupted when you reactivated seasonal growth a couple of episodes back ep126. It was December when you reactivated seasonal growth which is when they wither. They might come back in the next game year. Great video, keep up the great work.

  17. Like how hes playing with 1 day per month and hes on like ep 135. im on like nr 7 and im playing at like 3 days a month XD althou i am playing at x15

  18. I enjoy your series Daggerwin. If you look at each hour, money is deposited in your bank account from the solar panels. When you sleep at night, I believe it only shows your income from when you go to sleep until midnight. If you want to see a day's income from your land, check the bank balance sheet. I also see you stayed with your usual of adding wide tires to new tractors.

  19. Great episode. Yes buy the sunflower field and after harvest expand the vineyard.
    Also I believe there are some good wine making production mods out there, I like to see that.

  20. Reason why you aren’t getting all the money from the solar panel is because it depends on how much sunlight there is. For example in the winter you’ll get less money from solar panels

  21. Hey Daggerwin. Think you need to get a few pigs and a couple of horses before you wrap the series up then you’ve done all the crops, all the animals, and all the production chains .


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