Precision Farming Guide to Grass Fields Farming Simulator 22 FS22 Perfect 100 Environmental Score


In This Guide I show a trick I found to get a perfect 100 Environmental score with a grass field.



    If you have not yet downloaded the latest precision farming update. You can now get the weed control bonus by just spraying a little herbicide on the grass field just as you can with regular crops. You do NOT have to plant another crop to get the weed control bonus and you do not have to have weeds in the field to get the bonus.

  2. Using the herbicide damages your crop and affects your yield. I planted a wheat field and ran a weeder over it after the second round fertilizer and haven't had any weeds grow yet knock on wood
    And I'm projected with a 120 or better yield with a environmental score of 100

  3. You rock thanks for the VALUABLE information! Quite literally. Didn't quite work out this year for me 100% since I plowed new boundaries. Figured I'd make the oddly shaped field a bit easier to work while I was at it and my grass production was down. Ended up hurting my yield but I'm higher than I was!

    I'll try the same technique next year and report back.

    You have a new (red) subscriber.

  4. Uhm I dont know if they changed it or not, but you can get the max weed score on grass now by spraying 0 herbicide on the field. I have verified it with weeds turned off. I have also seen it work with weeds turned on.

  5. Nice info….However… thats works ok with 1 field on the map (get detailed info). However if you have 10+ grass fields that hit 99% each its difficult to find which section is lacking. N/ tillage etc as the bars are so small on individual fields.


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