Pt 1 NEW GEAR! FS22 PRECISION FARMING (FREE DLC) Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at Precision Farming for FS22. What do we get in this FREE DLC? What does it all do? What does it all mean? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. Lol I was watching your guide to videos and it started pt 2 of the precision farming. Rofl it made it about 5 min in before I realized I hadn't seen pt 1. Not sure if you noticed but part one isn't in the Playlist for fs22 guide to videos. Love the videos buddy ! So informative and addictive lol I've been watching you now for a few years. Hope you and the family are having a wonderful day ?

  2. So does the isaria pro active do anything?? I am using them when I spread lime or fertilizer but really don't see anything. Please let me know what you think. Tia and farm on

  3. Thank you MrSealy P for the tutorial/ review/how to on this precision farming mod as I've never had the luxury of being about to use it last iteration on fs19. So thank you bruv!

  4. Hello. I need a little help with FS22. After the update with Precision Agriculture, the pallets are no longer stored in any factory, in any greenhouse, for nothing. In the factory menu it shows me that the production is gathered but not stored in the pallets area. I want to mention that I also uninstalled some modhub updates, would I have uninstalled something and that would be the reason why it is no longer stored? Thank you!

  5. sorry, tried to watch but you're too excited and talking too fast and jumping around….maybe #2 will be better. say what you want to say and only that.

  6. Great video as always. But, let's be clear 90% of this was already in fs19 and should have been apart of fs22 base game but, there is obviously issue with it which is why it was put in the mod hub. By the way I say that because they always say we're not responsible for anything in the mod hub. Everything in the mod hub is a DLC just to be clear on that too.

  7. I haven't asked before Mr.P, but why do you refer to console updates by their PC version names? Granted their 1.4 is for all intended purposes the same as our 1.08, but alot of PC guys watch you and are seemingly unaware of the 4 other patches and updates for Playstation alone, I gave up counting for my Xbox. Knowledge is great for all of us, but unfortunately our PC brethren are unaware of some of the on going issues. I mean your The Console Guy, and I appreciate everything you do as it really helps us other console players out, but at 0:30 using their update rollout numbers. No wonder so many of them think the game is complete with no issues. ?

  8. You can get soil maps for all of your current fields for far less than what the scout costs, so I don't know why anyone would do it manually.

    Great video my friend. Very detailed and thorough. I'm away from home, so I get time to study up on your videos before I get back home and get after it myself.

  9. 100% not interested in this shit.

    I don't even pick up rocks. Lol
    I would definitely be interested in the GPS shed for the AI workers though, so long as I don't have to have precision farming enabled.
    Hopefully a modder can make one where you don't need precision farming enabled. Seems like we should've had this regardless.

  10. Thank you for the helpful info. Fs22 is my first experience with FS series. Been loving it over the last few months but this DLC has been a bit overwhelming for me, as I just had no idea. Great video as always ?

  11. Great job as always. Sure the new kits are cool if it's your thing. I don't even mess with weeds so I'll pass
    To bad it takes this to get 11% improvement from helpers. Really?

  12. Awesome video. I do not use Precision farming nor am I going to use Precision farming but I always watch your videos because they are step by step on how to do things and they are very good for someone like myself who is very new to this game. Thank you very much and I will continue to watch the rest of your videos for precision farming

  13. Definitely helpful and informative! Much like when Precision Farming came to FS19, there's a lot to learn and understand, even more so this time around and especially if you didn't use it before!

    I am definitely glad to see the change in weed distribution on a field, that was always a pet peeve of mine that basegame weeds blanketed the entire field so this is a wonderful addition. One question that does come to mind is about how spot spraying weeds works in the game's eyes, as in do you have to buy the expensive module and use a big sprayer or can you get the same bonus using a small sprayer and manually spot spraying?

    I have many questions! Lol, thankyou for taking time to show us the new equipment and learning with us / helping us understand how it all works MrSealyP!


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