RAPID FIELD TO PIT – Bucks County Farming Simulator 19 | Episode 4


Welcome back to Bucks County, PA . This a new mini series on a USA map…it’s been a while since I have played on a USA Map.

Bucks County

Case 9300

International Transtar

Hesston Big Balers

TLX 9000

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Do you need to use the forage harvester on grass? I have mowed grass and used a loading wagon and just brought it to the bunker silos and it still fermented into silage… so is there any benefit to doing it this way?

  2. If no one else has mentioned it, your issue with the corn dryer is that the map does not support any more crop types, it is at it maximum. There is a way to edit the map so you can have more, there is a nice YouTube vid on how to do it if you google map height types.

  3. Could you maybe do a video (or even a series) explaining how you make you SR series? I think it would be really interesting to learn how you come up with your storylines, and how you create events (like the floods in season 1). Who knows – you may even inspire someone else to try roleplaying!

  4. Bucks county & Lancaster PA are strictly New Holland and Case, You would never see a John Deere in Bucks, I live in bucks, (not being rude) just didn't know if you knew, I knew you liked to play realistic, "realism is key"

  5. picture quality is much better on this video, someone at YouTube must have heard your rant about it in the last "buck county" episode

  6. if you use a dolly, you can attach the trailer directing to the forage harvester, yes you have to swop it back to a truck or tractor every time it's full, but it's easier than the follow me mod

  7. Don’t blame the truck, every other sentence was , don’t tight turn , and you still completed tight turns….gentle turns and missing a row helps

  8. I think the issue with the corn dryer mod has to do with the amount of fill types on the mod hub version of this map. There's issues running multiple mods that add new crop types. TNT modding has another version of this map on his facebook page that he recommends using if your on pc. That version handles any mods you want.

  9. I love the videos. So much in fact, that I’ve purchased a pc to start playing. Any advice as to what base game map/s, mods, and sites to look for the game?

  10. The too many objects error may be the number of crop types. If you have straw harvest and maize plus active, you'll go over the number of crop types fs19 supports at one time.


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