RASSVET #2 / FARM CLUB! / Precision Farming / Farming Simulator 19 PS5 Let’s Play FS19.


RASSVET #2 / FARM CLUB! / Precision Farming / Farming Simulator 19 PS5 Let’s Play FS19. Map by: Den Ben. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. Precision Farming continues with some test fertilising and analysing the results. A need for equipment and a ponderously slow governmental process leads me towards a shadier organisation… Farm Club!

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries.

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  1. I'm still confused on the whole "use manure first" process. I'm using digestate as I'm doing sillage but no animals, and most of the time it feels wholly unnecessary. I can go over a planted field once with a sprayer and get perfect Nitrogen, but when I pre-fertilize it's typically over-fertilized after planting, and then crops like soybean and sunflowers say they require so little nitrogen you almost don't want to fertilize at all.

    Using the sprayer costs more but is so convenient doing everything in one pass. So I guess that's the trade off and the less you have to use the sprayer the more you save in the long run, but seems marginal.

    I do love the new Lime system. It finally feels necessary and I don't burn through 4 tanks of lime doing one large field anymore.

  2. It's called a demonstration farm
    demo farm
    The dairy industry in Australia has a few scattered around and It's industry funded so new practices and technology can be tried and tested

  3. Those T-150 K tractors are too Soviet to not use in this playthrough! I think you did a mod review on them a few weeks back. The one that has a chainsaw starter motor…

  4. Another quality episode in the books! Glad to see you're getting the hang of the Precision Farming stuff, it can be a bit wonky at first trying to get your head around the "it doesn't have to all be the same colour or like it was before!" mentality but it is interesting, and the savings on fertiliser alone are immense!

    Also good to see that nothing happened and no one's talking about the thing that didn't happen! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

    Nice one!

  5. Most disturbing part of the whole video: the fact that traffic ACTUALLY moves slower than that gator! Watching you parked at the edge of the field and thinking “Nope! I am NOT going to fertilize this whole field with that little sprayer! Then I was waiting for another Grand Theft Auto AK47 gunfight cut scene when you went down into the bunker! Have to admit, I got a little giggle hearing you reference a comment from the last video. Thank you sir!

  6. Mr sealyp you could could do a les play jus walking around the map and jus talk n tell stories and it be great your vids are remarkable there jus great I have started going back to ya let's play on lone oak 19 n watching all the way thru for a second time. Its jus awesome the job you do

  7. Something to watch with interest for a long time. If anything, maybe cheap Russian machines, which are suitable here as a cast fire. For example, T-25, T-40, MTZ 80/82 HTZ T-150, K-700, K-744, etc.

  8. The best way I've figured out for precision farming is to lime field first then seed with fertilizer at the same time. It adjusts fert amt based on seed. I ran into issues with using slurry before seeding depending on crop type can lead to over application

  9. Loving the idea of this series, it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

    Perhaps as part of your ‘show farm’ you could produce an educational video for the local farmers. Take an ‘uncared for’ plot with bad ph/nitrogen etc, plant it with wheat and record the harvest yield, then show how much the difference would be when correctly treated with lime/manure/nitrogen and planted with the same crop.

    If the local farmers could see the extra yield compared to the cost involved in extra care you may win them over. ??


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