The basics of Giants Editor | Farming Simulator 22 Tutorial Series | How to Use FS22 Editor


Hey guys, and welcome to the first true lesson in working with Giants Editor. Here I will teach you all how to use Giants Editor in it’s simplest form.
:cries in mapping



  1. what i wouldnt give to have one person who actually know what they are talking about and how to explain it instead of a bunch of people who fumble through explanations

  2. Hello. Thank you for your help. I am struggling with 3 things. I have looked so much I am getting a headache lol. Could you please show how to make a background mesh. I believe it is mainly Blender but I do not know where to start. I am trying to delete starter vehicles and buildings from map. They do not show up in Giants Editor. Just when in the game. I turned them all to false in the xml so they are not owned by me thinking they might show up in Editor but no lol and also adding foliage to the in game construction tool paint. I think I may have worked out that they have to be put into the store items xml. Sorry a lot to ask but I would be so grateful if you are able to help me and others with these.

  3. I am trying to learn how to edit mods, create mods and convert old FS19 mods to FS22 but most of the search results and video tutorials I find are related to FS22 that is played within Steam. I got FS22 free (included with GamePass) for my Windows 11 PC. Are your video tutorials only for Steam version of FS22 or the regular PC version (not launched via Steam)? I noticed from watching other videos there are some differences because I am missing certain folders that others have.


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