THE FASTEST CULTIVATOR & STATIONARY BALING! – Mod Review for 1/15/2021 – Farming Simulator 19


A daily review of all the newly released mods on the Farming Simulator 19 ModHub! I review mods for all platforms, and mods for PC/MAC players only. Enjoy!

Farmer Cop

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0:00 – Intro
1:08 – Mod Updates
2:10 – Lizard T25
5:45 – KrAZ-258
9:13 – MAN TGS Milk Truck
12:10 – Lizard Baler Combi STB 03P
18:15 – Ermo Hurricane
20:21 – Lizard RFA 7000 Cultivator
21:41 – John Deere DN 1006
23:35 – Farm Storage Sheds
25:03 – Borga Hall
26:15 – Real Wood Harvester
26:50 – Loader Vehicles AI

Lizard T25:


MAN TGS Milk Truck:

Lizard Baler Combi STB 03P:

Ermo Hurricane:

Lizard RFA 7000 Cultivator:

John Deere DN 1006:

Farm Storage Sheds:

Borga Hall:

Real Wood Harvester:

Loader Vehicles AI:

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  1. The baler combi should be able to be towed behind a forage harvester with a collection head. but why would you do that if you can just use a normal baler. But it's nice to try different things!

  2. The lizard cultivator is what you’d use to kill off/crush a cover crop – the teeth smash the stalks and allow plant to wilt. Think the baler doesn’t unload automatically – not sure if the auto unload baler script on PC will let it do that though? Believe people have suggested using the Art Mechanic static PTO drive unit from the mod hub.

  3. I'm guessing we'll see the new forestry script mod being the Mod of the Day on Willamima Forest soon. 😀

    Awesome vid. Good idea putting the mod update notes on there. Also like the option to Fast Forward and Rewind to what ever mod I want.

  4. I just used the RFA. It’s cool. Probably my go to now. No matter how big the field.
    There’s someone wrong with the DN spreader. I was doing line, short spread. I disconnected it and used a different tractor, if definitely went 30m then.


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