TIME TO DESTROY THE GRASS FIELDS | Survival Challenge | Farming Simulator 22 – EP 70


Welcome back to a BRAND NEW SERIES of Survival Challenge for Farming Simulator 22

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Kramer KL 200

Isaria Drill

PLN Plows

Lemken D24

Alien Jim’s Packages

John Deere 1630

John Deere 6300

Classic 2 Row Planter

Small PH Sugar Beet Harvester

3M Lizard Fertilizer Spreader


John Deere 250 Sprayer

Gallignani 9250 SL Baler

6VS 6U Windrower



FiatAgri 180 90

Valtra T120 – T190

Case Magnum

New Holland 70 Series

Maple Syrup Production

Cheap John Deere Drill

Water Hose

John Deere Balers

John Deere 8000

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. I think you should put in a dirt track where you are cutting trough! I mean you did cut trough so many times, a track would be in by now!

  2. My dude…. you've got withering, stones, crop destruction, and seasonal growth turned off. You are not allowed to complain about fertilizer in the drill being too easy.

  3. Says putting fertilizer in the seeder would make it faster and thus too easy- about 60 seconds later – we need to be able to start doing things faster 😂 ❤

  4. Daggerwin, please don't get that Massey it looks horrid! Also you do have a real obsession with Massey tractors. Try something different like a JCB, Fendt or Claas? Heck even another New Holland would be good!

  5. Invest in new sprayer with spot spraying, with precision farming sprayers mod, it only sprays
    over the weed patches, and gets you max score.

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Can you imagine, you're a farmer, just trying to make ends meet. You look up to see your farm hand doing some sick stunts like DW driving only on the steers while pulling a tanker and having a full IBC on the front?
    Dunno if I'd fire him or give him $50 for entertainment bonus.

    Also Dag, there's a new Scout mod, makes the sampling circle bigger, much bigger and freakin massive. Same price per sample

  7. Why don't you download the butter and cheese production rather than selling the milk directly? It's the blue shipping container.

  8. Should convince/force VD to build fences (for all his good deed :D) along the cliff-side and the road going towards the bottom yard, it will enhance the scenery hopefully.

  9. I think you should start harvesting corn type crops. Instead of using the same header and harvesting the same crops over and over. Just giving you some other ideas. 😉

  10. What an absolute nutter. Great skill. And the steering made the classic fs17 grunt mid way down the farm track. When that sound starts to appear we know our man dagg is putting the time in for us. Keep it up man.

  11. You should look into the mod that let's you create seeds and possibly fertiliser. Can't remember what it was called but it was released in the first few months of the game.

  12. Daggerwin thank you for your videos taught me how fun farming was. I miss my grandpa's farm. I'm glad I don't have get up 3 am feed cows on farming simulator


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