We had 2, Now None! | FS22 Roleplay | The Farm Hand | Episode 34


Welcome to this roleplay series called “The Farm Hand”

Set in the Cotswold and on a small British farm, follow the story as we try to make a living as a farm hand.
All the farms have been edited by myself and are custom for the story and the series.

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Hi and welcome to my channel, I create farming simulator videos on the PC for fun. I do let’s play and tutorial videos.
My interest in farming & simulation games come together on here.

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  1. You’re living the dream there Scroft, great to see George is starting to trust you and cracking job on the plowing job ??. Series going from strength to strength. Look forward to each weekend buddy

  2. Have you ever start drinking something and then someone says something funny and you spew your drink out? Well I was drinking my coffee when George said his toilet was on the other side of the window from the bales, and Scroft's reaction. I had to pause the video and so glad I have a roll of paper towels next to my laptop. It didn't get in my laptop, but it was running down my monitor. No more drinking while watching Scroft videos.

  3. I remember back in the day when I used to hang with Mick and Keith and the boys…The women wouldn't leave me alone, I remember Mick asking what the secret was. Once I told him, look out! Yeah…Keith was a bit hard to understand even back then…But man, he can play some guitar…

  4. Oct. 23, 2022 Fresh turned soil smells soooo good. The soil looks really dark and rich. Should be able to grow just about anything you'd like. BTW, Mr. Scroft, did I hear you singing along? Nice voice sir. That was kind of Mr. George to bring you a flask of tea. I really like your intro / exit theme music and the way you pan around and show different scenes at the beginnning / end. Great Job sir, great job!! Take care and Thank you .


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