WELCOME TO CALMSDEN FARM! – Farming Simulator 22 FS22 Calmsden Farm Ep 1


Welcome to my new series on the amazing Calmsden Farm, replica of the real life farm and surroundings in Gloucestershire, UK by Oxygendavid.
Get Farming Simulator 22 Here:

Music List:
1: Turn This Ship Around – Hallman
2: Turn This Way – Velvet Moon
3: Twenty Seconds Later (Elphick Remix) (Instrumental Version) – Tommy Ljungberg
4: Two Peas in a Pod (Instrumental Version) – Ooyy

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Mod List:
Calmsden Farm Map –

GPS Guidance Steering –

Cultivator Field Creator –

Collect Straw At Missions –

Rolland Pack –

Free Landscaping Tools –



  1. He really does give you about as big of a harvester as the roads can handle… Which is a bit frustrating as the fields warrant a much larger machine lol

  2. Hi chainsaw I was wondering if all that equipment that I saw in the video is what is comes with on the map or did u buy the equipment before

  3. LOL, open the lid on the silo dump before tipping 😛 Also until the map is updated , do not plant Oats or Sorghum there is nowhere to sell them

  4. Always a great video, you have silos at the main yard, you go in the sheds at the front of your yard that's where the tipping point is for main farm silos

  5. Ever since Chellington back in FS15 I've always found OD's yards a little to cluttered with bric-a-brac for my liking. No doubt it is realistic but I would like a means to have it removed. Always preferred Bullit Bills maps in that respect.

  6. Excellent. The CALMSDEN FARM Map. The Cotswold area of the UK. Try not to knock over grannies walkin dogs on them narrow roads. hehe….


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