WE'VE GOT AN ISSUE. WHAT'S THIS ABOUT?? – Survival Roleplay S3 | Episode 48


Dennis moves out today.

Welcome back to my game mode which I like to call ‘Survival Roleplay’.
This is Farming Simulator 19

For mod credits please go to the end of this video.

Music and SFX by Epidemic Sound
Vector Images by Pixabay

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  1. Defo buy a tele handler… & possibly sell the case tractor & buy another tractor similar power & size think the old jcb one would go good with the farm & a brilliant asset to have too

  2. i bet you that the horse he wants is a race horse that is worth a lot of money its just seems that way how he really wants that horse. also you should get those CCTV cameras back up, especially the pasture where your horses are in.

  3. Just my thoughts, you should split some of the profits of the crops from Dennis' land with him so he can afford to pay for the nursing home (although we know he's probably loaded) but that seems the most fair and to make sure he gets the best of care. Although, I'm basing this off of how we do things in America. Nursing home care might be financed differently in the UK.


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