Breaking Down the NEW Platinum DLC – Farming Simulator 22


Everything that you need to know to get started with the new Platinum Expansion DLC for Farming Simulator 22.

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Breaking Down the Platinum DLC for Farming Simulator 22

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  1. the new automated tree positioning is what really makes forrestly doable for me, as before i could never get the things lined up right and gave up trying

  2. It appears for console players that you have to rebuy the whole game again just to get the expansion. B.S. I ain't paying for the whole game again.

  3. As far as I know The photovolaics on the buildings are solar cells, so basically solar panels. Not sure why they’re called this in the game or if they do something else than Normal ones but that’s the case in real life

  4. Great explanation and breakdown I always wanted the farm buildings to slowly get built their on a little bit like that I think it’s the stick barn but you buy it in different stages it would be great to buy the concrete pad then slowly build the barn like in construction simulator that would be a nice addition to the game. Keep up with great work 👏👏👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. I love the idea of having containers. But I’m not sure it’s very realistic to shove logs. in there the way they are doing it

  6. can anyone answer when I was going to pre order the platinum expansion on ps4 ( I already have the game standard) I could not find it because I could not find it only one I could find was having to buy the whole game over again any idea of what to do

  7. Forestry was hands down my favorite thing in FS19, so to see a whole DLC dedicated to it is incredibly exciting. Now just need the modders behind Bull's Gap to bring that up to date for FS22 and I'll be golden. Playing along with your survival play through on that map is what really got me into the game, so to be able to play that again with all the shiny new toys they're adding would just be amazing.

  8. I'm having issues with the game not responding when i load it up, I Uninstalled the game and restarted, but still having issues. Anyone have a suggestion on what to do?

  9. Nov. 9, 2022 Mr. FSG, I am not into logging but I AM into watching whatever you come up with!!! 😀 I will do all my logging through you. LOL It's a beautiful map and the graphics are definitely a step up. Looking forward to see what you do with this map because I know no matter what you do, the results will be S U P E R!!! Take care sir and Thank you.

  10. looks good I still wish they would look at building a PNW log truck and trailer (Whit-Logging trailer) maybe one day. Thank you FSG.

  11. Id love to see some big saws like the Husqvarna 395xp, 592 or a stihl 660, 880, because of the new sequoia species and because of the more production felling.


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