GOOD THINGS COME IN THREES | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 168


Welcome back to my first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron
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Lizard Katrina Mulcher

Scania Lorry


Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Prices go up and down few times at day. In morning prices can go down and at lunch they go up and at night go more up. And prices can be much better that it shows there.

  2. I HAVE BEEN SELECTED AS A WINNER!!!!! meh, so has everyone else too, apparently…Why can Youtube not weed these spammers out? I have endlessly reported this crap and nothing is ever done. Youtube in on it too?

  3. Just so you know there is a placible silo you can place on your farm, where you can purchese seed or mineral feed, it can only do one or the other. When you have it has an option where you can fill it atomaticly and just use a trailer to move from the placed silo to the cow barn. the cow barn can hold about 48,000 liters of mineral feed.


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