Early Preview of the NEW Vermeer DLC for Farming Simulator 22


Thanks to Giants I’m taking an early look at the new Vermeer DLC that is releasing next week.

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Early Preview of the NEW Vermeer DLC for Farming Simulator 22

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  1. Las vacas ahorrarían todas esas maquinas y todo el consumo de gasolina y contaminación …. comen , abonan y dan leche !! …. pero , vamos al revés !! el humano va al revés !!

  2. I think the only piece of that equipment I would likely use is the windrower, I personally do not like roundbales I find them really annoying and it's so timeconsuming to have to stop everytime the baler is full to unload it. The self-propelled baler is cool and all that but not very cost-effective since it can only do just that =)

  3. Think the trick of picking up the bales for the shredder maybe taking them from a stack of bales rather than single. That way you have a solid edge to push against.

  4. With BCBuhler's swathers that give you hay so you don't have to ted and the rake, bale shredder, and balers in this pack I'm really going to enjoy haying on a North American style farm.

  5. Automatic drop has been all all round balers since launch, that's not unique to the doc. Sorry I'm sure I'm not the first person to say that. I would have liked to see them make 5 foot wide bales like real life instead of 4 foot wide bales but that would have complicated things so I'm fine with base game bales. Looking forward to trying it out when it launches

  6. The rake (windrower) has adjustable row width in real life. I can see this being a nice thing to have what with some of the less than ideal mod balers pickup widths!!

  7. Great Job, hope they make a patch for the loading of bails into the shredder and it would be nice if they added a tether for making hay. This would be a complete package of doing all the grass / hay


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