(Kramer DLC) Construction Simulator 22


Kramer 5035 Wheel Loader: A compact genius. With its dimensions it is predestined for low clearance heights and tight passages. As a result of its width of just 1.26 meters, it is possible to effortlessly drive on the foot path.
Kramer 8155 Wheel Loader: The flagship from Kramer. It impresses with sophisticated details as well as cabin ergonomics that ensure efficient work while the high horsepower engine provides the necessary power.
Kramer 5507 Telehandler: The brand-new telehandler impresses by its stacking height and payload and ensures top-performance at every construction site while the spacious cab with a window area of 3.6 m³ enables a perfect overview on all sides.




  1. Hi, I'm a machine operator too! Just wanted to swing by and send you some motivation to keep going! Check mine out, if you have some time.

  2. I just bought the dlc yesterday since I had leftover money and I think that the telehandler will come in handy on contract jobs

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