FRANKENMUTH FARMING MAP – Map Tour – Farming Simulator 22


This is a map tour of a new mod map called Frankenmuth Farming Map.

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  1. Started this map recently, having issues with the game speeds, about 7pm it goes from x5 to 360 and i cant seem to slow it down.. is this how the map is set or am i having a bug of some description?

  2. This map is pretty close to the real land layout. It is all flat there. You are pretty close at pronouncing it right. At the end of it the MU is kind of like a cow says moo. Frankenmooth. And actually the town is a huge place for Christmas for Christmas that is what they are known for in our state is the Christmas city. It's of the German descent so they have brevarian décor through the town.

  3. Hey I need your help. So I bought a section on the map and started removing trees so I could join the fields and make straight lines. I got the trees removed but there is "limbs / rubbish" on the field. I plowed over them and cultivated over them but they are still there. Is there a way on PS4 to clean the land up and get rid of the rubbish. Can't remember the field bit it across from the main farm at the corner of the road.

  4. Any one else experiencing only a portion of your fields finishing to harvest? I have two fields where a handful of rows are still growing and the rest i can harvest. Speeding up months doesn't fix it either.

  5. This is a extremely realistic map to the real thing. I live very close to Frankenmuth. I chuckled when I saw the cracks in the road because rural Saginaw county has some pretty awful roads that look just like that.

  6. I need help, how do I sell my hey bales to "Goldcrest Valley" on Frankenmuth? I've tried loading them manually on the flatbed of the train and that didn't work, I've tried dropping them off at differ locations around the tracks and that didn't work, is there something I'm missing?

  7. we love to have more amerrycan setting like mapz;) east coast.. i like the Fruhling map. its the offshoot to thee Pennsylvania. But anyway on Frankenmuth map deeper in thee woods on the left of map there is a ramp like 4 wheeler dirt track beside the oval dirt track ?thanks for thee tour

  8. Those are "county" ditches that's how we stop drunk drivers in the country. So awesome to finally see this map on mod hub he almost gave up after 5 tries or so glad he stuck with it!

  9. I hope they fixed the courseplay issues I had. No matter what I tried courseplay wouldn’t work on some of the fields, even if I created “custom” fields it wouldn’t work.


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