The FarmSim Guy's – Five of the Best Big Tractors for Farming Simulator 19


This is the first of a new series where I highlight some of the best mods that we have access to in Farming Simulator 19. This isn’t an exhaustive list and I can’t list all the brilliant mods we have, but I highlighted 5 that I use a lot and really like, I know there are others so let me know your favourites in the comments.

The Fendt 1000 and 9R are available from Custom Modding

The Case Magnum, Steiger and T9 are all available from the ingame modhub

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The FarmSim Guy’s – Five of the Best – Big Tractors – for Farming Simulator 19

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  1. I will start out with, great video and keep going! I am just not a huge fan of the mods for tractors. I don't feel like they add much to the game. I don't play the game so that I can look at my tractor with 89 different color options. I run the expansions and the Big Bud 747 mod if I want a lot of HP on a tractor. I ran a ton of mods in FS15 for PV Rivers, but it started to take up a lot of room when you have 115 different mods plus the maps and everything else. If these mods actually gave you an advantage over the base game tractors that made the game better or different, I would think about it.

  2. Would be cool to continue on with this with your top 5 of everything! I don’t think anyone else law has done that yet. Example like do a video on top 5 plows, 1 ton pickups, seeders, etc….. I would think it would get lots of views on something like that. Great videos as usual sir!

  3. I would like to see the best disc harrows and all kinds of different tractor categories. I just got into PC and want to find some of the best equipment that may not always be on the modhub.

  4. might not be up to the level of the Karl Farms, KMN or Custom Modding tractors but I really like Iconik's tractors as well. I feel like they are pretty well done & optimized.

  5. I'm a bit partial to the Agco 1000 Series (Ahran Modding) – comes in both Fendt and Challenger variants with Fendt Jenz and Silver Gray sub variants – engine power runs from just below 400hp to over 500 – you can run twins (euro and us) and even spaced narrow twins (for root crop farming) – and the rear work lights are actually 270 degree rear centered, so all round 360 when the front work lights are used. Again better than the in-game, and it's on the modhub so may be available for console users(??)

  6. I don’t know if you watch Mike Mitchell on YouTube he is very interesting and calls spade a spade and tells you what the tractors in real life he’s got triples on the back of the 1050 what a beast it looks and how it performs with a drill on the back ?????

  7. Great video! Definitively those are all my go-tos when playing big! I would love to see some kind of Map rating too (although I know it is 100% a preference thing) but more from a standpoint of quality and ease of use. Could be separated as the best american maps, best euro, best production, best Original concept.

  8. Hey FSG! Really enjoyed this and would love to see other categories! There's so many mods out there in so many places it can be hard to sift through them all to find what's good or even know what's available. Appreciate all you do!

  9. damn shame so many modders just use facebook as their means of mod access. Not everyone uses or wants to use facebook. Interesting list. I have to say i like all your choices.

  10. Another great educational video from FSG, but a wee bit on the big side for me I'm afraid. I can't even drive the MF 135, never mind one of these giants. ??

  11. Superb work by the modders. I worked in design and 3D modelling for the best part of 35 years and I'm always amazed at how great their work is for FS19. Us farm simmers don't know how lucky we are eh?

  12. Excellent vid with great tractors only real difference for me with fendt 1000 is I use Ahran modding version that is well detailed and has 3 versions Agco,fendt, challenger. It has has a unique start up feature in cab view as it will say welcome to fendt on start up or welcome to challenger.really nice mod and one of my first picks on most farms.

  13. How about the 5 biggest machines for FS19 based on real life machines?
    I'll give you two to start with: The Zell's 214ft air seeder (some beautiful videos on youtube of that being used) and my favorite combine, the Tribine T1000, world's largest combine.

  14. Another nice video, great cinematics, accent, music and content! I didn't know some of them, I love New Holland, so my top 1 is the T9. They are very expensive, so I took to my map the Big Bud 1100hp by JHHG Modding. I'd like to see your 5 best Mod Combines (mine is New Holland CR10.90 US version)

  15. I think this could be awsome series I'm thinking 5 best old big tractor's next
    And move on to medium
    Then maby same with some machinery like balers ploughs seeders etc

  16. Great job, and great selections, I would have had the 8r/rx personally. I'm struggling to find a good 3m cultivator, maybe a review of the options there with your top 50 ??

  17. I would like to see your top 5 for small & medium tractors please. I love the Claas Xerion 5000-4000 for planting. Something about how it turns so smoothly. Great video! ??

  18. Great vid FSG! Love those cinematics. YES, would love to see a 5 best video for Combines (you know you want to show off that Claas Lexion 780) and Old tractors. Can't wait!


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