Easy Way To Grab Logs | Farming Simulator 22


In this video I show you an easy way to grab logs when playing Farming Simulator 22. Special thanks to Convivium for suggesting a make a video showing off this setup.

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Lizard Wheel Loader by North Modding Company

Big Bag And Support Package by Farm Centro Sul

TLX X52 Logger by 82Studio

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  1. This works GREAT!!! The closer to the center of a stack and the lower one can go. Allow's one to pick up more. Because of the extra weight from the additional log's I can pick up. I use a tractor with 8 wheel's which are weighted. If a 74 year old using a gamepad on a pc, who has 10 thumbs can utilize this method, any one else can.

  2. I very much underestimated the complexity and difficulty of this game 😅 Planted 300 odd trees… now having a hell of a hard time trying to use harvesters and load the truck.

    It's not always obvious if you're using the wrong equipment, or if it's just the game glitching.

    …this is the latest try for log loading, thank you!

  3. the real problem with basegame log forks is that unlike real life the forks cant scrape into the ground to get under the logs easily making them entirely useless, this is a great mod. I personally use the "verlade tool" mod which is a larger version of the csz tools 2 prong tension belt loader and it can be used for everything so its amazing on a teleloader

  4. I installed both of the mods and the winch wouldn’t attach to the wheel loader. Is there something I am missing?

  5. Not long ago i just buy also this Farming Simulator 22 steam versio, but i just discover that there is no lizard motor wheel loader… can some one help ?

  6. Great tool now if you have Platinum DLC you can use new massive Volvo wheel loaders which dont have any problem with stability and can handle massive loads,they weight is 25 tons so you can pick up bigs logs with ease.

  7. Finally a solution. Wtf! Even the new expansion looks to be the same as old. You would think Giants would have added straps to the loaders grapples etc. they still seem awfully buggy. This is great. I may try logging again.

  8. Is this mod pc only? Edit: never mind i found it thank you for this video not only for the easy way to pick up logs but also for the new log trailer I have been looking for a good mod but I am not on PC but mostly thank you for the easy way to pick up logs because my friend and myself have a login map and he finds it challenging to use a normal log fork so this will help us out a lot much love keep up the good work I’ve subscribed ❤😊

  9. Are there any front or wheel loaders that don't have articulated steering? I hate it with a passion (snowrunner PTSD).

  10. I like the 'tajfun' tree dragger better than faffing around with cutting the trees into 7m sections.
    Just pull up to a tree, cut it down, chain it up, drag it to the next. Repeat 2-3 times then drag the bunch to the sell point/factory.

  11. This is pretty awesome! I use something similar cant remember the name of the mod. I hated the log grabs.

  12. The new 1313 truck that just came out comes with a $100 tool that works on any big bag lifter. Which means you can use the excavator with the gjerstad pack.

  13. Thank you for this video I have been having travel Loading my logs lol this will make it so much easier Thank you very much I appreciate this

  14. I like your tip/hack's
    Can I make a request?
    Would like to see a test review on
    mineral feed(production's)
    What one is best or worth using.. Thanks

  15. Using this big bag mod a lot for logging. It's a great tool for loading, pushing etc. logs. In fs19 I used the big bag handler from the CSZ mod, wish this pack would be available for fs22.

  16. I'll be honest, I've never heard of L1/R1 bein' referred to as triggers, that's usually R2/L2, R1/L1 are usually referred to as buttons or bumpers

  17. I use a telehandler with a rear weight and the suspended sled for wood with the magsi interface stays really stable and can lift higher than any wheel loader


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