TOP 5 AMERICAN MAPS FOR CONSOLE | Farming Simulator 22


So today is Farming Simulator 22 1st Year Birthday. To celebrate it we take a look at the top 5 American Maps to play.

Links To Maps:

Piney Run:
Stone Valley:
Iowa Plains:

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  1. The fact that you put frankenmuth on this list is astounding. It’s such a shitty map. And the only reason for that is the ditches. It makes hiring AI workers impossible and it gets your heavy equipment stuck almost every 5 mins. Further than that, there’s a random house placed in your starter field and you have to work around it? AND the trees are literally 3 feet from your fuckin farm edge so you have to struggle just to seed. Ridiculous.

  2. I remember when I 1st started playing FS22 almost 6mths ago, I was super upset that there wasn't an Iowa map, didn't take long for them to release Iowa plains view though after I started, I instantly downloaded it and have enjoyed this map immensely to date its my favorite by far, I recently downloaded the Welker Farms map and wow that's a whole different beast but absolutely enjoy the size of fields, takes damn near a month in game to prepare any field for sowing lol, but once that is done and you get your first harvest finished you're a millionaire damn near so then it's off to upgrading to some of the biggest and most expensive equipment in game lol… Really enjoy your content and it seems we are of similar minds in our preferences to mods and maps for this game I rarely if ever find myself questioning your judgement hahaha…

  3. Want a single farm to yourself? Fox farms is the way to go if you like large scale with little to no buildings when in farm manager. I wish I could say the same when this map came on fs19 but dhal ranch was my go to map in fs19, wish that map was duplicated for fs22 tho.

  4. Lone oak, Griffin Indiana, Bucks County PA, Feankenmuth, and Goldcrest valley. Are my top 5. Hope Lone Oak and Bucks County make a return. Along with Lone Oak peaceables.

  5. I'm a huge fan of Frankenmuth, MI and the story/history of the Weiss Centennial Farm (upon which the map is based), dating back to the mid-1800s. The maker did a fantastic job of utilizing the real location and making changes to incorporate sell points and the forestry option. Plus there are the two racing tracks in the woods. The ditches alongside the roads are just waiting to swallow the vehicles of distracted drivers. The only thing missing is the corn maze, but that could be added by the player. The field sizes are terrific in that you have options but don't need to get the biggest equipment in the store (ala County Line on FS19 or Deer Creek with the 100+ acre fields). The one issue is there are some fields where there is not enough space between them (and that IS realistic, just look at Google maps' satellite view and you'll be hard-pressed to find where field 12 ends and field 13 begins), but it complicates things for Courseplay. It's an easy fix but something that could have been corrected.

    I'm also a big fan of the realistic nature of the Graystone Farms, NC map. This area is just south of the Virginia / NC border and was narrowly missed by a tornado this past Spring. The fields are modeled pretty accurately to the real world, and if you like small-field farming (going from job-to-job-to-job and staying busy) with small equipment it's a great map for that. The drawbacks are similar to Frankenmuth with several fields running together in CP, but it is correctable. The other issue is fields up against the edge of the map – where it looks like you're going to fall off the world. It can be tricky to take contracts on some of those fields because you may not be able to physically complete it with the invisible map boundary. The use of the Methodist Church as the shop and main sell point is creative, but I found that placing sell points at the ends of the three main roads to represent towns off the map (Eden and Reidsville, NC, and Danville, VA) provided more options.

    I'll have to check on Griffin, IN and Iowa Plains. I haven't quite hammered the real-world location of Griffin's map down yet. But I really like it when map makers use real places and are able to make minimal changes if only just to facilitate sell points, etc.

    The big issue I have with Stone Valley is the water. Water doesn't flow uphill or across hills. And though the number of drainage ditches and low areas may be realistic, they weren't modeled well on the map, simply because the water would flow out across the fields and take the shortest course to the low points. Otherwise it's a beautiful map… Well… except for the creepy people walking around the gas station and houses. Very sketchy area.

    Enjoyed the review. Might have to do one of these some time after I've explored more of the real maps these modders have made. ?


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