TOP 6 best realistic mods/scripts in Farming Simulator 22


New Farming Simulator 22 video. Today, we take a look at the 6 best realistic mods / scripts in Farming Simulator 22. These mods are very useful to play realistic.

Mod links:
– Real Dirt Color:
– Added Realism for vehicles (REA):
– Realistic Cabin:
– Manual Refueling:
– Lizard Personal Lighting:
– No Teleport:

Download all Farming Simulator 22 mods here:

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  1. Hello! Poor boy here, anyone can make a small donation so I can be able to buy Fs22 for phone? Donation can be made it on PayPal for example. Please my parents not even think to give me money for games ?? Too poor…?

  2. its so annoying console players cant get good mods like on pc. id like to see these mods in the future on console,for example
    you cant even have real car brands like ford or mercedes even if it is the same model of the car it will show as lizard??then you see pc players with cool mods. consoles need to add scripts.


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