Farming Simulator 22 How to Speed Up Time (Xbox One | Series S|X)


Here’s how to speed up time on Farming Simulator 22. You can change the speed of time in the settings of the game.


I am playing Farming Simulator 22 on Xbox Series X. This tutorial will work fine for other Xbox users. PC users can probably work out the different buttons easy enough.

Speeding up time in the game is a little bit odd as the day rushes past but your workers and you move at the same standard speed. This means you only want to use this when you’re not harvesting or doing tasks which require manual work. Speeding up can make sense when you’ve got to speed up the growth cycle, such as lettuces growing in a green house. I tend to vary time speed depending on the tasks I am doing.

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  1. In my game it's completely dark for some odd reason and I don't know why even when I launch a new game it's completely dark to where I can see the vehicles I can't see nothing but the sky is blue it's just weird and I don't know what setting I messed up and changed on and I don't have it on real time I don't think it's really odd

  2. Thanks for taking the time to explain even the simple things. Made my life easier getting started with the game, as it’s all a little overwhelming to begin with

  3. Thank you ! Looked everywhere for an explanation I could actually understand 😃..was on the verge of not bothering with the game as it seems pretty crucial to me.


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