How to add a logo to any mod in Farming Simulator 2019


Going over how to add your own logo to any mod in Farming Simulator 2019!

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  1. if the logo is on a moving part, such as a door that opens, be sure that the plane is placed within the node of the animated object… that should be clear as mud, but if you've played around with mods much, you should know what I am trying to say.

  2. I have a question, I took the stock Fendt 1000 series tractor add added in a 4th choice of engine in menu ( more hp, edited the .xml file ) and all is good and working in game with new added engine choice, however I wanted to change the tractor series number on the logo of the tractor for the new engine, example, the logo on the hood of the tractor is lets say 1050 in game, i took the 1050 and duplicated this in the giants editor and changed the name to 1054, ( in the giants editor it's under vario1000_vis, configurations, it has the 1038,1042,1046,1050 series, for the logo number, this is where i duplicated the 1050, and changed the name to 1054 under "attributes,transform" so that my new engine would be represented as series 1054) so now when I start the game and pick this tractor with my new engine the logo still displays 1050, not 1054, so obviously i missed something or did something wrong, can you please explain how i can fix this, thank you. note: I also checked the .xml file and it shows the configuration1054 line below the other series configuration 1038,1042 and so on… however !! when i go to the giants editor, pick my configuration1054 that i duplicated from the 1050, and i go in to "attributes, Shape " under shape, Geometry, it shows in the box, configuration1050s ? and the box is gray, it won't allow me to do anything here, so I clearly don't understand what I'm doing, or don't know the proper way to set this up. any guidance is appreciated.

  3. So first off – thank you for this excellent tutorial – extremely helpful and easy to follow. My question has to do with how to access the mod in game. I have followed the steps shown here and saved the file in the Giants editor. Then I re-zipped the mod folder back up and moved it back into my game's mods folder. I can see the zip file in my mods folder but have no success seeing the mod in-game. I've tried renaming the zip file, removing (and leaving) the original mod without the new logo, nothing seems to make the game recognize I've added the mod to the game folder.

    The game recognizes me removing the original mod zip in games where I was previously using it, but never recognizes the new mod zip. Thanks in advance.

  4. Great tutorial.
    I added my logo onto the Shipping Replenishment Container mod, saved the file and zipped it back up and copied into my mods folder. However under mods, it shows as needing to be udated. I assume this is because it doesnt match the details of the original mod, and if I updated it would revert to the original, so I didnt update it.
    Now I cant see the mod in game to choose. Have I missed something? Or should I rename the file to something different so it doesnt link to the orignal?

  5. Will have to look around the tutorials a bit more, currently trying to get GE and Blender to be happy with each other BUT, I'd love to see more about the maps and planes, how to make your own dirt map and or fill planes, maybe touching into Seasons Snow maps (since I think they are similar in basic theory as some of these other planes?).

    Thanks for the vid Sir!

  6. I don't know if it's my computer or what I'm doing wrong but I can't get it to save to mods idk where it's saving to

  7. I followed every step and it worked to perfection, with the exception that I put them on like tailgates and when I open the tailgate the logo stays there. Or when I go to the flatbed option of that truck the logo is just there hanging out, how do I make it to where it becomes an option in the store

  8. Brilliant Tutorial, Subbed straight away, nice straightforward explanation. Brilliant. I followed to the "T" however when ever I placed the mod in the folder FS19 would then ask me to up, therefore, losing all worked, tried this a couple of times but still no luck. Will try another mod. Any suggestions on this would be grateful. Thanks – keep up the great work

  9. I am "attempting" to add our logo to a truck and failing miserably in editor 😞 Would someone be willing to help?

  10. Great video! Very informative….learned a lot! Awesome!…….Unfortunately, It doesn't work for me. No matter how many times I try to do step by step.
    No matter the logo, the size, what I try to place it on. No difference. I also repacked the files back into a zip, which was never discussed in the video. So I'm only assuming that is a must??
    Logo shows in editor, placed on the object. It has been saved and is in place, no matter how many times I re-open the editor. There it is, or there they are!
    Go into the game…..No soap! Beginning to wonder if something has to be added to the .xml file of the item working on? In most mods or even vanilla items, there is a section towards or at the bottom of the file that has a bunch of, i3dMapping entries???….example….<i3dMapping id="configuration_engine620Decal" node="0>9|2" />
    Not sure if decal and logo are the same thing? But kinda seems so??? No clue….lol

  11. I've tried this, and added logos, but went to add an oversize sign too but it would change both logos to the oversize sign instead of just the new plane for the sign, any idea of the issue?

  12. Hello, I play games in Korea. I saw the video. I wonder how you save it. I'll do what's on the video, and when I log on to the game, I'll see a curved window in Decal? That's all I need. I need you to know more about the way to save it.

  13. Thank you, thank you thank you very much this helped me alot this tutorial was so simple thank you Kederk Farms keep up the amazing work!!!! 😀

  14. Hey hate to bug u but once I put my logo on the truck it shows I need to update the mod again do I just live it be or do I update and not lose my logo

  15. That was very well done. How about a tutorial on either replacing the cab of an existing tanker truck OR putting a tank on the back of an existing cab truck? For example, I've been wanting to put a tank on the back of the IH transtar, but I'm not sure how to do it.

  16. Kederk, thanks for a great Video you are easy to follow, would this same method apply to putting Signs on Buildings?

  17. Hi have followed this exactly so many times but when I go in game it's not there ?? Show up in the mods menu when at main menu click mods then go to updates it's there but I don't update it do I need to as in the past when I have updated something I edited when update it puts it back to standard before it was edited please help not sure y it won't show in the game anybody ??

  18. Fantastic explanation one of the best tuturails out there please can you you do one on how to add a logo or image to a building that already has a image or has not got a image already please many thanks ??? Keep up the great work 👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  19. I followed this practically step by step… 3 times. The plane shows up in the game as a grey material, but not with my logo on it.

    I used paint 3d to make a logo with transparent background and saved it as .png file.

    Looks great in GE, but just a grey plane in game. And yes, I have the "plane" under the same spot you put yours…

    Using GE 8.2.2 if that makes a difference?

  20. It lets me put the logo on the mod, but when I go into game and place down building, the logo does not appear, or there is a white blank image.


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