INTRODUCTION & SOIL SAMPLING – Precision Farming DLC – Farming Simulator 19


This is a guide to give you the knowledge you need to handle the new precision farming DLC. In this part of the series we will go over soil sampling as well as give a general introduction to the DLC. Enjoy!

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  1. Honestly, I feel until they have a "helper AI" that can do a LOT more for you (not just plow this and then stop, or harvest this then stop – they need to be able to be set on commands to do things, such as: work this particular field, plow, seed, harvest and then the AI helper gains levels and becomes more proficient ect), until they can do any of that, all this DLC does is add even more than the player has to do and try to keep up with. There is already so much to do and nearly no help from the AI without the aid of MODs. I would say this DLC is a serious hard pass for me.

  2. When I unfold the scout the Mini map is stuck on yields. So when I take new sample I don’t have the green circle or know where I have taken samples. Is there a way to switch it back.

  3. irl applying fertiliser influences the soil pH. I've not noticed this being the case in game, but I may not have waited long enough or applied enough fertiliser for it to be noticable.
    Something to test though.

  4. Ideas for next episodes:
    1. Fertiliser useage at different soils.
    2. How new buildings change workers mechanics? Do they ride faster or have better AI? Does it affect only fertilising, or also other equipment like harvesters?


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