John Deere Screen Updates for Sim Dashboard – Farming Simulator 19


I’ve finally got around to updating my Sim Dashboard screens for FS19, I’ve overhauled all the John Deere Screens and added in three new ones. These screenss are created to work with an Andriod tablet alongside FS19

Get Sim Dashboard Here –
4940 Sprayer Screen –
Seeder Screen –
GPS Screen –
Combine Screen –
Active Run Screen –
8R Screen –
8RX Screen –
9RT Screen –
9RX Screen –

I took inspiration from the real-life Gen 4 screens you would find in a John Deere tractor but then adapted some of the controls so that all the buttons were functional. You do need some additional mods to get full functionality, all of which are available from the in-game mod hub:

Guidance Steering by Wopster –
DEF Pack (AdBlue) –
Tool Height Control for Harvesters –
Courseplay –
Variable Spray Usage –
Precision Farming –
Vehicle Speed Sync –
Enhanced Vehicle –

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PC Specs
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Core
Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB
Tomahawk MAX B450 Motherboard
Corsair Vengance 32GB RAM

Music by @ikson and Epidemic Sound

John Deere Screen Updates for Sim Dashboard – Farming Simulator 19

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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, so it is a little older…but when I try to have multiple screens it makes a mess of things. I cannot get more than 2 screens n the app to start with, and they are corrupted. Is there something I am missing?

  2. My SIM Dashboard (pro version) works very slow and when I click e.g button "Start/Stop engine", tractor in FS 19 don't start (or stop) every single time. Could you help me please?

  3. Love this app and thanks for the update to your work. The full version of the app is well worth the price. I use it for FS19, Project Cars, ETS2, MSFS 2020 and also use it to create custom button boxes for any game.

  4. Dear FarSim Guy, I am João Victor from Brazil, I would like to know if it is possible to make a panel illustrating the Minimap of the game together with the Precision Agriculture mod, which shows where it is being planted, harvested, sprayed, how the soil is, if there is loss of grains, as is the productivity in the field. I believe that if there was a way to make a panel with the interactive minimap and illustrating this data that I mentioned earlier, it would be very interesting and very useful, especially for players who like to simulate their game as much as possible.

  5. Been using the app for a while now (pre your designs) but definitely brings an added realism to the game. Early adopter of your designs and loving the additional features 🙂 Any plans to make a 6R or 7 series screen?

  6. Thank you for this, looking forward to using, absolutely agree with the small fee for great work on Sim Dashboard.

  7. FS19 Sim Dashboard has completely changed the dynamic of the game and how it is played, which has increased even more so with your JD screens. Just excellent work all around!!! Any plans to make a JD planter (DB 60, 90, 120) screen and a seeder screen for the JD N540C to complement the JD 1890 seeder screen?

  8. No doubt this is a fun and very realistic mod to use!
    Can't wait for all this to be available for all CaseIH tractors and Combines as well!

  9. I do have to say, I did see you show this mod off a while back and I wanted to try it out. It took some time to learn how install every thing but I found it was really not that hard to do the biggest problem I had was remembering to add an empty design while adding a new one, other then that once added you are on your way. I have been using a wheel for the game a long time since fs15 and it is a game changer and now, so is this mod. The only thing I did was buy was a table stand for the fire10 that I use and have it right next to the wheel. Just a note: this mod is not only for farm sim you can use it for other games as well which make it worth the cost of the pro version. The other game I use it for is American Truck Sim.

  10. Fantastic work. Maybe as a suggestion. A man with your talents at this. look into making apps for common implements (mowers, bailers, ect…) Core game functions On/off, raise/lower, load/unload, ect….) But again it's only a suggestion. In closing. I thank you for everything you have done with this.

  11. Thanks for absolute fantastic screen updates. You are making amazing screens. Would very much like to see a screen for 6R/M as well. Maybe even similar screens for other brands?!🤪
    Has one question thou. The last song?! Who performes it?

  12. Hey FSG great update! how did you display your tablet screens with in your stream? I would like to do that for my live streams and show the tablet while playing.

  13. Thank you, FSG!! Well done screens. I bought it the day you released your screens. Well worth the money!! Appreciate all the work you did on it!

  14. When I have Def & enhanced vehicle installed together they clash on the screen, how did you stop/change that?


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