Map Preview – Evergreen by Northwest Mods & Edits, Real Prarie Farming


Northwest Mods & Edits have been kind enough to share a mapping project they have been working on for the last few months. As maps go it’s relatively simple, but that certainly doesn’t detract in any way from what is an absolutely beautiful map.

This is a very personal project to them and as such, it won’t be available on the Giants modhub or for consoles.
0:00 – 5:07 – Intro
5:07 – 5:38 – Is it coming to console?
5:38 – 29:01 – Map tour
29:01 – 31:13 – Montage

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Check out Mike Mitchell’s channel too for some brilliant farming content, and primarily the farm and area this map is based on.

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Map Preview – Evergreen by Northwest Mods & Edits, Real Prarie Farming

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  1. Hey there @TheFarmSimGuy, Nice new map tour, and beautifully captured. Music and vibe spot on…

    I really do love your montages like these so much, I would secretly don't mind if they where a bit longer 😉

    Again, keep it up and greetz from the Netherlands

  2. Great map preview FSG looks like the did a great job with it and nice to play on keep up with the great work and thanks for sharing these great previews you get 👏👏👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  3. As someone who lives in Saskatchewan this map is awesome… use to live in southern sask and watching this brought back some good memories… Great video, any chance I could get the name of the ending montage music?

  4. Tried the map today and I love it. Sometimes you just need a big field to enjoy and be like Mike Mitchell. I added lentils and chickpeas to it. UMRV, this map and maybe Edgewater next week, there’s not enough time to play it all. 😂

  5. Oh wow, this is exactly what Saskatchewan farming looks like in the prairies. I am from Saskatchewan and I come from a farm near Torquay (about 25 miles West of Estevan).

  6. Proud Canadian, love seeing these Canadian prairies maps. Had a chance to spend time in all the provinces and I have to say the prairies were by far my favourite place to be. The people and the landscape, can’t be beat.

  7. Why would you do a mod review of a private map that is not open to the public. That is kinda of dirty. Sorry but really enjoyed your content but no point in watching when your using mods an maps that are private. What an asshole. Unsubbing dude sorry. That is why farm Sim mod community is really crappy

  8. I had to watch this for 5 and a half minutes just to find out it was PC only. Bro I appreciate your videos but.. you talk way too much and talk about useless info. Just got on with it and shows us the main stuff and let us discover the rest

  9. What's the point of having six or eight HUGE fields which you can only harvest with a fleet of combiners larger than a fleet of fighters neeeded to destroy the Death Star? 🙃


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