PH LEVELS AND APPLYING PH – Precision Farming DLC – Farming Simulator 19


This is a guide to give you the knowledge you need to handle the new precision farming DLC. In this part of the series we will go over PH levels and how to add PH to a field. Enjoy!

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  1. In some mods there is a star fire 6000 receiver that can be added as an option when buying a tractor (John Deere that I know of). Do these need to be purchased so the RTK base station will communicate with the tractor? I noticed the yellow receiver on the tractor and the building are the same.

  2. I'm on Xbox1… when I applied lime to my fields it was great.

    The next time I opened the gamesave the lime values were all back to what I believe was their initial values.

    Playing on no man's land with the default soil map. I gave up liming after I relimed 3 times.

  3. having a broadcast spreader IRL would be less precise and IMO the manual mode would be more accurate to use. If a direct application was to be used that can control the variable rate, then the automatic function makes more sicne to be engaged from a realistic standpoint.


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