TOP 10 MODS FOR GAME SCRIPT – Farming Simulator 19


This is my list of my personal top 10 mods that change script in the game for the better or that enhance gameplay. All mods have links below.

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  1. u is pro game farm 😎🪖👁👁👄👁👁👀👀👀👀🧠🧠🧠🖖👅🦵🏿🧠😚🥸🥳🙂🥸😇😞😔😟🥸🙃😒😛😍🙃

  2. I can not get the cut bales function to work properly on a dedicated server. the bale will show 0L and there will be material on the ground but you can't interact with it. If you log off and back on the server the bale will have 4000L and the pile will be gone.

  3. There is a problem with the create fields mod, you have to turn it off if you want to plant with a direct drill because you can't change your seed type, the same key that toggles create fields also changes the seed type.
    The reason you don't use Follow Me as much as you could is because it doesn't work as good in FS19 as good as it did in FS15 or FS17, too much of that rubber band effect you mentioned in one video. In FS17 you could use a Follow Me helper to unload your harvester on the go because he could match your speed almost perfectly, in FS19 he drives past too far and then stops and then speeds up and drives past you again.
    You missed one that I really like ( FS19_storeDeliveries ) You can set the location of the store deliveries based on your location, works good for doing contracts that require a lot of equipment, go the the field that you are going to do, set you delivery point on the edge of the field ( ctrl+s ) accept the cantract and all the equipment is delivered to the field.

  4. Great video farmer cop. You have me hooked on farm sim19. I have been farming for a month now and your videos have helped out. Thanks dude.

  5. I'm definitely going to try out the park vehicle and shop search mods out! One thing In wondering if that there are two "More Missions" mods on the modhub. One that just allows you to choose more than once mission and another that's a bit fancier and shows flashing field numbers and icons on the map to help keep track of missions. If you don't mind me asking, which are you using?

    Also, I'm not sure if you have seen it, but there's a (somewhat) newer mod than came out a few months ago called "Buy Used Equipment". I've been thinking about trying that out, but feel it would break the game and immersion with how cheap some mod vehicles are already priced "new" (I.e. the small Ferguson and Massey tractors, as well as the tools for those tractors). I've heard some people mention about how well it works with Seasons, since you can simulate buying equipment at yearly auctions for cheaper then new prices. I'm on the fence for trying it on my current save (Ravenport Seasons with California Geo), but was curious if you have tried it out yet and if you liked it. I may make the jump and try it out sometime.

  6. Farmer Cop, More Missions Allowed has a few limitations to what contracts you can accept. According to the description of the mod, you need to check the type of crop your doing and where it goes. I could NOT have two cotton jobs active, because the one job overlapped the existing job. Had to cancel the one job because same crop going to the same place. No more than ONE cotton job active at a time. You can do barley from 12 in Ravenport to the Ranch, and barley from 13 to Restaurant. Same crop, different places. Can’t do same crop from two different fields to the same place. Job overlap will occur. Just something to keep in mind. I discovered this in my gameplay.

  7. Hey @Farmer Cop, great video your my first youtube I come to when I'm looking to learn about a mod or for general mod suggestions.! A couple of video suggestions " Course Play" and MaizePlus/Horse Extention mods. I know both of these are quite technical mods and need a bit of setup but there aren't many videos on these great mods.

  8. Great video. I have a few scripts mods that I WISH existed. I'm guessing some of these are impossible but a guy can dream right? Maybe an idea for a video? I'm sure there are many more.

    #1 Realistic Harvesters. Seasons users know about the annoying bits of withered crops that combines magically miss. I wish that they were more realistic and cut the withered bits even if they have no yield. This would really scratch my OCD itch.

    #2 Better Manure System. I LOVE the manure system. I HATE the stupid hose physics. I think it would be better if they just deleted the hoses and made hoses attach more quickly and simply like the trailer hoses in the Manual Attach Mod. As long as the equipment is in range hoses would connect simply with a push of a button. This would cure so much frustration that has led so many to disable this great mod.

    #3 Vehicle Group Switcher. My Favorite mod of FS15 and FS17 and I miss it so much. Imagine grouping all you harvest equipment on Key 1. All of your tractors on Key 2. All of your sprayers on Key 3. You also could "park" unused vehicles. The best feature of all was you could change the tab order within the groups. The options were unlimited and made it so easy to organize and get to your desired vehicle.

  9. Hi. Whats is diffrence bettween autodrive and courseplay when it comes to drive from A to B, och drive from A to B and unload stuff?

  10. "Follow me" is great for forage harvester and sugar cane harvesting – you can offset alongside and drive the forager/harvester yourself, and the tractor just follows – of course you have to watch for when the trailer is full!!

    Which brings us to "Vehicle Inspector" which shows all active vehicles and their task and load levels – vehicles being driven by you, a worker or another player – especially useful for a worker running a harvester (you can see the fill level) or planting or whatever, you now have a heads up on when you need to head over to empty (or refill) the equipment – so for a forage harvester you can see the fill level on the following tractor and stop before you waste any crop!

    "Full Stop" is great for streamers who like to read chat and harvest, but don't like mowing down their crop!! (doesn't work for forage harvesters though!).

    "Measure" lets you set a marker then displays the distance you are from it – very handy for low cost logging, by setting the marker and walking 6m away, you can just a 6m (approx) log, keep walking away in increments of 6m and you have logs almost the same length – for those times you cannot afford that big tree felling monstrosity!!!

    I also use "Extended Driving" because I use a wheel and pedals. It basically turns the [space] into a fwd/rev selector, and then you press the accelerator to go in the desired direction, and the brake to stop (rather than accelerator for forward and brake for backwards) – this mod doesn't play with "Guidance Steering (GPS)" (so with GS active you're stuck with the default function), and there are other mods which do similar – extended driving was the first (and simplest).

  11. Great vid FC, I finally know what that little symbol is, next to the speed. Have seen it there a thousand times and could never work out what it was………

  12. I don’t know if you have tried this yet place a hitch on the back combine and put a bailer behind it or anything it saves driving up and down I use it all the time one you should add to your list 👍👍👍👍👍


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