Farming Simulator 19 Map First Impression Big Fields Farm

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Welcome to Big Fields Farm!
The farm is located in a small industrial stop between towns.

This farm will push your biggest equipment to the limit!
How Long will it take you to own field 3?

The idea was to maximize the area of workable land,
while still having all the features of FS19.

Supports the seasons mod, including snow on the building roofs.

– Fields large enough to share with your friends.

– 29 Fields from 0.390 ha to 66.813 ha.
Note: Fields can be combined into 8 large fields with a plow.

– Added to Landscape paint: more textures, also bushes, flowers and weeds.

– Lots of mature trees to harvest around map, even more near your farm.

– Railroad loop bordering map with 2 silos and 2 selling points.

– Train layout: Diesel Loco with 2 Grain, 2 Sugarbeet and 2 Woodchips cars.
Note: All train cars can hold grain and woodchips cars hold root crops.

– Helper friendly layout.
Note: Best to run a headland cut along paved roads before hiring helper.

– All livestock pens are already installed at farm. (New Farmer Mode Only.)

– 4 Water stations, at the green hoses on wall. (2 at Shop, Animal Dealer, Farm)

– Large transport missions. (minimum 4 pallets per mission, MORE MONEY!)

– Field work missions available on all fields.

– Vacant lots for sale near your farm for expansion.

– All land near paved roads is level, good for placeables.

– Traffic on all the paved roads.

– Pedestrians walking around town.

– Parked Cars.

– Vehicle Shop
– 4 selling points
– 2 railroad silos
– Spinnery
– Animal Dealer
– Sawmill
– Lime Station
– Gas Staion
– 4 Water Stations

Game Farming Simulator 19
Manufacturer Ninja Curt Mods
Category Map
Author NinjaCurt
Size 49.98 MB
Released 20.01.2021
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, XB1

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  1. How do you get this map I can’t find it on mine and I try to type it in and it says no content available?

  2. I been farming on this map for couple days. Field 3 is huge but contact are pretty good. I. Plan make money upgrade equipment and get animals and buy more fields.

  3. It’s a very nice straight forward map, the only thing that takes getting use to is with all but two sell points in the center it can get kinda tricky to see exactly where the different places are on the map. Other than that I am a few hours in and enjoying it, nice map

  4. Great map, but there's an issue with the daily building maintenance costs. Quick math puts the costs at a little over $1000/day (all the big animal enclosures + house), yet you're charged over $4K/day. If you use seasons (9 day seasons), the cost rises to over $12K/day. That gets very costly…

  5. Would like to know who was the Modder to create straw and hay pellet factory mod because they should give the factories mod they released not to long ago .to him to fix it up like the pellets hay and straw factory and they should only allow him to do factories nobody els because he is good and they not!!!!the last factories mod suck !!!!

  6. Looks good, even bigger field then Southern Cross map on FS17 (40ha). Slight iffy is the rather regular tree distribution, but one of the fields can always be planted for a forest. I have this farm house on No Mans Land

  7. Thanks for the review, not a bad looking map, nice and simple and decent variety of field sizes with lots of room to expand and use whatever size machinery you want.

  8. thanks for the review awesome as always , the only trouble i had with this map i just started an hour ago , on PS4 and the animal pens you get on new farmer mode is it i couldnt buy any extra animal pens at all if you seel one , you still can't buy any more animal pens which sucks , not sure how the farm modes will work whether or not you can buy an animal pens at all , i guess it will be updated at some point. thanks again


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