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Welcome back to COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER on Farming Simulator 19
The idea is we start of with exactly the same amount of money, land and machinery. The first person to clearly own most of the map wins. This is a longer running series.

The map is Oak Hill by Lancyboi

Massey Ferguson 6600 Pack

Rolland Pack

Heavy Rolls


Corn Dryer

Music and SFX by Epidemic Sound

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  1. Hello everyone i play fs19 but whit nobody if you wanne play whit me just react on this comment.

    personal info
    I am from belgium but i can speak end type inglish.
    I am a guy.
    I will play alot whit you.
    I am 14 years old.

  2. Daggerwin,The spelt is green because your in a multiplayer game compare to your chellington single player game😃

  3. What happened to the mirrors in the Massey on the way back to main farm? I'm surprised you don't use the Valtra very much, very manoeuvrable and great for dollies as you can use the rear steering wheel.

  4. Dagwin, I recommend looking at the Heath Super Chaser. Pretty sure it's less expensive than the Arcusin and more authentic to that area I would think.

  5. Hey Daggerwin, it would be good if we hear Chainsaw100's voice for once in the multiplayer. Guys what do you think? Keep the good work. I'm loving this.

  6. As if the quality of thumbnails matter when you have close to 700.000 subscribers. You could put up a white square with nothing on it as thumbnail and people would still watch.

  7. Can anyone tell me how i can get an inside view of vehicles in FS17 on ps4?. I cannot find it in the settings.

  8. Hi daggerwin, do you use any graphical mods or shaders for fs19?🤔

    Keep up the good work, love the content!👍

  9. Since you have maize plus tmr will be totally different. your require the whole bunch of stuff including sugar beets and soy beans so it's almost not worth doing it you might as well just put in all the individual ingredients in

  10. There’s a very cheap mod on mod hub that is a chicken coop. Also there’s a mod which allowes you to pick up bags of chicken food – he could put them in the back of the gator. If you want for a series.

  11. Can anybody explain to me why my fps drops to 20 whenever I try to use any piece of equipment? Not even Giants is freaking helping. Didn't have any issues till a stupid windows update. Only thing in the log file is a Warning: index '3' not defined for configuration 'designmaterial'. That's all it says. Don't say if it's a mod or not.

  12. Enjoying this map, great job daggerwin, shame it’s not competitive multi player though! Next competitive multi player series would be interesting with seasons and precision farming on. Be great to see what approach u both take with each field yielding different


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