New Mods! Chellington Valley, "Ford" Cargo Series, JD 466! (25 Mods) | Farming Simulator 19


New Mods & Mod Updates – January 13, 2021
“Chellington Valley, “Ford” Cargo Series, JD 466!” (25 Mods)
New Mods FS19 – Farming Simulator 19

0:00 – Mod Overview
0:13 – Cargo Series Brazil
2:29 – MAN Transport Pack (REMOVED)
2:37 – Gallignani G400S
3:25 – JohnDeere 466
4:18 – TerraDig XS
4:43 – Old Wooden Wagon
5:50 – Grain Shed
6:06 – Machine Shelter
6:17 – Feltrina MR4A
6:28 – Fiat X70 Series
6:47 – John Deere 2020 EU Pack
7:12 – John Deere 2020 US Pack
7:44 – Case IH Quadtrac Series
8:26 – Agricultural Rollers
8:34 – VSRTech 360
9:30 – Brick Shed Pack Italian
9:38 – Manure Dealer Pack
9:53 – Bunkersilo MVP 19
10:02 – Chellington Valley
14:34 – Christmas Market
15:25 – Eurospand Pack
16:24 – Polish Fertilizer Pallets
16:31 – Added Realism For Vehicles
17:18 – Camera Suspension
17:26 – Empty Balers
17:35 – Outro

Most All Mod Videos Use Pacific Northwest As The Testing Map. (This map is available on mod hub for all platforms) –
All Released Mods –

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  1. Chellington Valley is out now for PC Players, and OxygenDavid has said that the Console Version was sent back to Giants today for testing. It shouldn't be too much longer.
    Farm Sim News! Chellington For Console, Lizard "Quad", Bucks Co Update! –
    4 Wheeler Mod! Lizard TRA Quad! (by Agro Tonho) –
    I'm currently working on the Map Tour for Chellington Valley. That should be out later this evening or tonight in the USA.

  2. Giants should quite making this game for console. It's boring on console and only the best mods goes to pc leave the console version to cattle and crops!!!

  3. AYO! who would of known that 3D tracks would cause such an issue. tell me if I'm wrong but I believe it was CLAAS that developed these. How is Farm Sim going to move forward and improve into the future when it comes to detail and realism when they wont allow modders to create 3D tracks. Love your work DJ keep it up.

  4. Hi DJ does the new challenge in Valley map it was said that it has four seasons but does it have a custom Geo or a Geo installed with the map let me know ?

  5. On the VSRTech 360 do they know about the glitch where if you attach it to the front of your tractor and put a front loader on it it will send the tractor into the sky and basically freeze your game

  6. Anybody know if Siid fixed the steering wheel bug on the 2020 8r pack? If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s the bug where the players hands don’t touch the steering wheel because the wheel doesn’t move down to the players hands.

  7. I haven't played in a couple weeks because last time I tried playing I couldn't download any new mods kept saying that my storage was full, deleted a bunch of mods and still no change, not sure if they've fixed this issue but it's on PS4 everything is up to date


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