Silage w/ DLC Equipment | Alpine DLC | ERLENGRAT | Farming Simulator 19 | #1


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Welcome to ERLENGRAT
This map comes standard with the Alpine DLC

As always thanks for watching!


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  1. When i start my erlengrat map i dont have a builded farm and every other youtubers has the samen map and farm why dont i have that?

  2. You should sometimes keep a moment (in the menu) so we can see which vehicles you have and how many/state of the animals

  3. Hey guys! Dont wory, This is NOT the last dlc for This game!
    Giants once said: (in other words) "We will continue adding more content (or dlcs) for the game."
    The only bad thing is that im pretty sure there will be no fs21 or like, FS 2643 you know? 🤣

  4. Even though im getting this expansion i wish we got different equipment i mean we just got a bunch of mower stuff with the kverneland dlc can we get more big stuff idk ijs

  5. I see more of a usage in sheep on thie map, i mean this map is for grass, and cows need hay, silage and straw
    The problem is the straw, yes you can have wheat but if the map is for mowing id rather have sheep 🐏

    Its just my opinion, bu cows are more profitable especially with TMR

  6. I really suggest you to switch the 6M for the SKH150. RigiTrac will do way better than the 6M anywhere on this map. Also has more power.

  7. I was like- "when will Stan make a series on this map" while I was watching Star Wars Ep 3 tonight then you posted Ep 1 and I was like "woooooooo episode 1 is out!!!" Stan good video as always, keep it up.

    Edit: can't wait for electric tractors on mod hub


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