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  1. I have a logitech g920 wheel, I have the number 1 deadzone at 0% all others at 14% which seems to work fine (for me). The biggest issue is that sometimes when ghub decides to update, it can change all your settings and you have to go thru and reset them. Also, from time to time for some reason, it decides to add 4 more axis to the controller(s), I'm not sure what they are. Sometimes they are there, sometimes they aren't. Kinda like Logitech customer service. Ironic, huh?

  2. Great video as always Randy! Keep up the great work! The official Marxville, Wisconsin map may not be released anytime soon since MRG Mapping says he is taking a break from modding and mapping for awhile according to his Facebook page. The Beta version of this map isn't all that bad even though it does have a few issues. I found you cannot purchase animals at the animal dealer. The animal dialog box comes up there just fine and all, but when you hit the confirm button, the dealer takes your money, but DOES NOT load up your animal trailer with your purchased animals, which sucks bigtime! In order to purchase animals, you have to purchase them at the animal pen itself and pay the extra delivery fee for them. At the shop, there is an equipment purchasing icon that works just fine, however, there is no repair/sell icon at the shop so in game when you sell any equipment, you will be penalized financially for not selling equipment at the shop. Also found that none of the animal pens in this map support soybean straw as bedding, nor does the only single sell point in the map support soybean straw, which renders it pretty much worthless in the game. Everything else seems to work just fine in the map and its a great map to play on. I been having loads of fun with this map so far. Also want to thank Darin for those Chevy C70 trucks. I found them to be very useful in the Marxville, Wisconsin map.

  3. Deere Country is a great map BTW he has it built in with precision farming version now and he also has an edited version of the field scanner as well also I put a link here in the comments for an updated JD8000 tractor

  4. JHHG are going to update most of their mods this week I believe, and they are going to release the Big Bud with new tires. Are you going to do more let’s play’s from the mapmaker behind Medicine Creek? Great videos as always

  5. Courseplay is up to 22 now. If u play the marxville map wait till this friday to download it when he releases the good version. The one that was released wasnt all quite done coz someone was going to leak it so he released it as a beta version so they couldnt leak it.


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