WOW! Hey Everyone, today we have a Super Special Video for Farming Simulator! Today we are talking about everything we know on FS21. From the reason it won’t be coming this year to GIANTS new plans for publishing! AND also the Confirmed Features! – August 21st, 2020

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  1. Let me remind everyone, this video came out in August of 2020, and in very early 2020, this channel exclaimed there would be NO Farming Simulator 21/22/23 etc., etc.

  2. Everytime they say there's going to be a new version, it comes out just the same.
    It's the people that make the mods that make the game exciting.

  3. Consol needs realistic trucks dodge Chevy ford etc peterbilt kenworth freightliner etc maybe even a deer farm or allow hunting..

  4. I want to be able to modify the land without the tool. With a bucket on the tractor or something or a scraper so I can level land, dig out areas, etc.

  5. Is one of the biggest thing that I want in Farming Simulator while the next one is to have all the original make it into PC and PS4

  6. I would like to see some multiplayer features to be added along with bigger maps. They could create a farmers co-op kind of like death stranding where players can chip in to buy fields and add them to the co-op and then the computer or the landlord/host can assign different fields to different players and rotate fields between different farmers and what crop they specialize in. kind of like what happens in real life. Cause they already have a start on crop rotation.

  7. Developers should look at John Deere American farmer!! (2004 – 2006) developed by Gabriel entertainment for ideas.

    I don't know about anybody else but I used to love this game's features! It included crop dusting, a selection ranging from low cost to high cost for animal feed, seed, fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide inputs. Used equipment would also be available at irregular intervals so you had to hurry to purchase before the deal expired! It also included random fluctuations in the market and sometimes an insect invasion would hit your fields and crop damage would be visibly evident, and the occasional tornado that would kill crops in parts of the field!!

    Please just check it out!

    Farming Simulator would be great if you could incorporate some similar features!!

    If you agree please like so they can see we want this in FS 22

  8. I’m so glad this game caught on. I want to own and operate a farm but broke and living in New York. Can’t wait to play this game, thanks for uploading this video.

  9. thats so true, the motor sounds on 19 and under kind of sounds like there done outside the engine bay but close enough to get a good ear on it, but inside, you'll be able to hear all the mechanical sounds equally, without a overly loud exhaust or overly loud whining noise, its gunna be nice and crisp as you said, look forward to it! also will focus home be the publisher of farming simulator 21, i know there waiting for the next gens so they can slam a big game together, but also brings the question if they will ever merge spintires/snowrunner with farming simulator as they both sit under the same engine "simulation" thanks, great content!!!!

  10. I really hope they add ray tracing support, it would solve a lot of the sometimes janky immersion breaking lighting…

  11. Maybe a map where u can give coordinates to a friend and his map can be accessible via through a loading point or it loads his fields as well as a few other random fields onto an island and he can travel over to you via Dockyard/ ship

  12. God damn the one thing I want is helpers to do every type of field hence encouraging every type of player to actually play the game. If a npc cannot do the difficult fields then maybe don't expect the players to do it 😂id like a animals update where we have to vaccinate animals that are sick or for specific immunity. I also think the main thing Number 1. To be able to have a passenger or passengers in your vehicles such as in a combine having a partner to chill with in the vehicle or in the tractors or trucks. More interactive control of your character such as seen your characters hand pressing things and holding gearstick been able to change it with your character hand. I think also an important one, is when joining a map you automatically download mods and your system wipes the unused mods or they expire after like 100 hours of no use

  13. Alright I have no idea how to say this but someone needs to say it:

    I think the most frustrating thing about FS19 is mod storage and slot count both set by giants and sony yes I know.
    It’s frustrating, not because I don’t like the game, but because I want to love the game, but it still feels very limited.

    I want to be able to own 3 or 4 items in each and every category for a commercial sized farm but can’t do that without getting close to the slot clount.

    The mod storage space is so small but yet they are adding mods EVERY WEEK DAY. I don’t understand. I cant have any room for any maps if I want all the equipment mods.

    I can’t even use all the equipment I want to use all in one map so I either never get to use that mod or I would have to have two maps so I can use that equipment.

    All I want is to be able to own 5 or so combines, at least 1 of all the specialty harvesters, 3 or 4 forage harvesters, 1 Krone Big M mower, 2 small tractors, 3 or 4 medium and 5 or 6 big tractors.

    as you can tell I LOVE being able to have diverse equipment and have the luxury of using a different tractor or combine every day so you don’t get tired of it.

    I also need at least 2 trucks with 2 grain trailers 2, cotton trailers, 2 sugarcane trailers and 2 sugarcane semitrailers,
    2 cultivators big and small, a plow, 2 seeders, 5 combine headers, sugarbeet header, …… ya you get the idea. But It seems I cant have the farm I dream of 😭.

    TL:DR Giants get yo shoes together and raise the slot count to at least 2000 so we can have more diverse farms. (I say 2000 because alot of maps have high slot count so the 2000 would still allow you to have decent amount of equipment.

    And sony get yo ching chong together 😂😂 and give us at least 1 more gb of storage thank you. Otherwise I won’t be buying.

  14. Some added gameplay would be nice. I know its farming simulator, but why cant we turn our potatoes into Vodka and sell it? I would like some more Management gaming in farming simulator 😀

  15. We need more than a 200 bale limit on console. Also some better maps would be appreciated. I find myself only playing on Lone Oak and Oakfield Farm. Even the latter map has its issues, not all the fields are worked by AI. It just seems to be the same crop that stays there forever.

  16. More detail too please like more dust and debris from working machines, animals not just birds, mud and dripping water from rain. Stuff like that to make it more immersive

  17. I think they should make a quality game with good graphics and that works instead of adding a bunch of features and machinery. then add all the machinery in dlc.


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