THE ADVENTURE BEGINS | Calmsden Farm | Farming Simulator 22 – Episode 1


Welcome to Calmsden Farm for Farming Simulator 22 ! It’s a very high quality map by Oxygendavid and today I am starting my ‘let’s play’ on it – Thank you Oxy!!

Map Download Link – Available on ModHub Soon

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. @ Daggerwin, Can you please organize your playlists? I dont feel like digging through your videos to find the 20-60 you havent added to playlists yet.

  2. when you use your workers why dont you use course play to get them going and they wil make the headline by themself so you dont have to at then you also have more time to work around the farm try se some gameplay with it and se if you want its a big advantage

  3. I’ve found that 3x is roughly the most accurate speed for the game scale, based on how long it took to plough 2 acres with a 3-bottom plough at least

  4. I don't know if anyone as suggested or if you've done it yet but I'd like to see a survival series on the No Mans Land map.

  5. I know this is really late to the party, but I saw DJ Ham talk about how you can sell your refillable gas tanks for a lot of $$

  6. On my playthrough of Calmsden Farm an new John Deere 8R can up for sale in the used section and even with getting the 450 hp version is was about 500 bucks more expensive than selling one of the 6Rs.


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